Palestinians bite hand that feeds them

Here’s a snippet from a story by Alan Johnston, the BBC reporter recently kidnapped in the Gaza strip:

Israeli tank tracks had churned the road into mounds of earth, and off to one side lay the wreckage of someone’s home.

At the other end of the street sat an Israeli tank – squat and menacing – following the UN team’s progress.

From perhaps a few blocks away came the sound of gunfire. Later Palestinian medical sources said that it had killed a three-year-old girl.

There’s plenty more of that kind of reporting under Johnston’s byline. Meanwhile,

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – The Hamas-led Palestinian government on Tuesday said it has identified the kidnappers of a BBC journalist abducted in Gaza by four masked gunmen, and hopes to free him soon.

The abduction Monday of BBC television correspondent Alan Johnston was the latest in a string of kidnappings of foreign journalists in the Gaza Strip.

Government spokesman Ghazi Hamad said the kidnapping hurt the Palestinian cause.AP (Yahoo)

Well, duh.

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