The story that Johnston needed to tell

By Vic Rosenthal

BBC reporter Alan Johnston was kidnapped in Gaza two weeks ago. Hamas and Fatah have both criticized his kidnapping, but seem to be unable to recover him.

Z. [a Fatah worker] told Haaretz he believed the worst was yet to come. “Pretty soon there will be militants in each and every junction. Everybody knows who’s holding Alan Johnston…It’s a large family, and they’re after money. Instead of surrounding the premises and acting against them, the security forces are negotiating with them,” he complains. “Breaking in their will cost lives, but there’s no alternative. You have to move in with force to restore order.”

Johnston’s position is not enviable.

Foreign journalists who have been kidnapped and then released by the family say they were treated in an especially demeaning manner. They go on to say that the Iraqi influence was obvious in the clothing of their captors, their language and their methods of handling prisoners, including forced conversions to Islam. — Avi Issacharoff, Ha’aretz

BBC director Mark Thompson said Johnston was “one of those amazing BBC people who make extraordinary sacrifices and take considerable risks because they believe a story needs to be told“.

While I am horrified by the thought of what he is undoubtedly going through and wish for his speedy release, there’s a certain irony involved when one contemplates the story that Johnston apparently believed needed to be told, a story of the Palestinian David versus the brutal Israeli Goliath.

Here are some links to BBC stories filed from the territories by Johnston:

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