Ban Ki-Moon: ignorant of history

Ban Ki-Moon in RamallahBan Ki-Moon, the new UN Secretary General, is either a historical ignoramus or…I don’t know what else to call him.

Ban Ki-moon met yesterday morning with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, following a tour of the West Bank separation fence in the Al-Ayada refugee camp near Bethlehem.

“It saddens me deeply to see many people suffering as a result of the establishment of the separation fence, which prevents them from enjoying any possibility for basic sustenance,” he said. “This has strengthened my determination and commitment to advance peace in the Middle East.” — Ha’aretz

Unless by ‘basic sustenance’ he meant the need to kill Jews, his statement was foolish at best. But never mind:

He placed a wreath on the grave of Yasser Arafat, one of the worst men in history, the single person most responsible for the perpetuation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the instigator of wars in at least three countries, the father of international terrorism, murderer of countless Jews and root of Palestinian suffering — this is the man he honored in the name of the United Nations!

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