UK Muslim opposes antisemitism

A British Muslim has called for reconciliation between Jews and Muslims:

One of Britain’s most controversial Muslim leaders has declared that there is “an enormous amount” that Muslims could learn from the way Jews have integrated into the UK.

[Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)] also has demanded an end to Islamic anti-Semitism, in what is being viewed as a remarkable move towards reconciliation between the two communities. — European Jewish Press

Bunglawala has previously made comments to the effect that the British media is controlled by Jews and similar statements. He indicated that the MCB’s policy of boycotting Holocaust Rememberance Day was under consideration (!) and might be changed.

Bunglawala…said his organization’s ties with the Muslim Brotherhood shouldn’t be a barrier to ties between the two communities, as they don’t seek to undermine Jews in the UK. He added that the Muslim Brotherhood believes the creation of Israel was a tragic mistake. — Jerusalem Post

The Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist Sunni organization, is the ‘parent’ of Hamas (Sheik Ahmed Yassin, a Hamas founder was a MB activist). It is characterized by extreme antisemitism as well as anti-Zionism; so I think Bunglawala’s statement is just a little misleading.

Of course any reduction of antisemitism is to be welcomed, but from my point of view, it’s strange to imagine Jews who could overlook Bunglawala’s position on Israel.

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