Payday for the Palestinian Authority draws near

There’s no doubt that all of the ‘donors’ to the Palestinian enterprise will soon be on board. Norway (not an EU member) has announced a resumption of aid, and Sweden, Ireland, and Italy have made official comments that indicate approval of the new Hamas-dominated PA unity government. The stance of the US is critical, and it seems as though we are moving in the same direction:

The United States made its first contact with the new Hamas- Fatah coalition Tuesday, ending a yearlong diplomatic boycott of the Palestinian government.

The meeting between a U.S. diplomat and the Palestinian finance minister signaled a break in policy between Israel and its closest ally, and could mark a significant step toward ending a painful aid cutoff to the Palestinian government. — AP (Yahoo)

Because of the new government’s declared intention to continue ‘resistance’, to refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and to not accept previous agreements, Israel has refused to recognize it. Until now, the US has done the same:

Hamas still holds the most seats in the Palestinian Cabinet, including the post of prime minister. But the addition of prominent figures like [finance minister Salam] Fayyad to the team has brought into question the concept of boycotting the whole Cabinet, as Israel is doing.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the meeting is in accordance with U.S. policy. “We weren’t going to cut off contacts with those individuals with whom we had previously had contact,” he said. “I know the Israeli government has a different view in this regard.”

Official US recognition of the PA government is unlikely. But it looks like money will be transferred to it through Fayyad, even though there is a certain amount of hypocrisy involved in refusing to recognize a regime while continuing to support it. This would not be a big change, however, because — as CAMERA pointed out — aid to the Palestinians has actually increased since Hamas took control, despite international hand-wringing. Money was simply funneled through the more acceptable office of Mahmoud Abbas. There is no question, however, that regardless of how the PA gets paid, it spends a major part of its funds on the so-called ‘security’ forces — what Israel would probably characterize as terrorist militias.

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One Response to “Payday for the Palestinian Authority draws near”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    The International Community has shamelessly indulged and pampered the Palestinians contributing to their enhancing their famous ‘murder with one hand and beg with the other’ policy.
    The Europeans have no other weapon but bribery , but I believe that the U.S. will act differently. At least I hope so. The ‘Jerusalem Post’ has a report that the U.S. will diminish ‘ military aid’ to Abbas.
    In any case the Palestinians have enough sources of funds Iranian, Saudian , European et al. to continue their arms build-up and their ignoring of the fundamental needs of their own people.