“A curse on Gaza”

Gaza is dissolving into chaos. Soon there will need to be international peacekeepers there to protect the Palestinians from themselves:

“The Gaza Strip has become worse than Somalia,” a prominent human rights activist in Gaza City told the [Jerusalem] Post. “Thousands of gunmen continue to roam the streets and the new government hasn’t done anything to restore law and order. Every day you hear horror stories about people who are killed and wounded. The situation is really intolerable.”

Muhammad Dahlan, who was recently appointed PA National Security Adviser, said it was time to admit that a “curse has hit” the Gaza Strip. “Anyone who does not admit that there’s a curse in the Gaza Strip does not know what he’s talking about,” he said.

Hassan Khraisheh, deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, said that the commanders of the PA security forces knew where [kidnapped BBC journalist Alan] Johnston was being held, but were doing nothing to release him. “What’s the point in having 85,000 security officers if they can’t free a foreign journalist who has been held in the Gaza Strip for three weeks?” he asked. — Jerusalem Post

What’s the point, indeed?

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