Olmert government: behave like adults and resign

The Winograd Commission, established after the recent war in Lebanon, is expected to publish an interim report before the end of April. A commission source told YNet news:

“Contrary to what many people think, the commission will take a harsh and specific tone with those responsible for the incidents of the recent war.

“It will also point out that in the name of ministerial responsibility, which should have been claimed, the government should have resigned after the war,” the source continued.

“They will do the complete opposite of what the public thinks they will do. They will say that in a democratic government – when something like this happens – the government should quit.” — YNet

The act of taking responsibility — and actually bearing the consequences — when something goes wrong is rare among public officials in Israel and the US. Dan Halutz did the right thing, and one hopes that the PM and Defense Minister will do the same.

Olmert and Peretz have both made excuses, blamed others, and in Olmert’s case even claimed that the war turned out exactly as planned. They need to understand that along with the perquisites of high office, comes the responsibility for what happens on their watch, even if they can explain how they are personally blameless.

They need to understand that making such explanations not only doesn’t free them from the consequences of their responsibility, but cheapens them and lowers them in the public’s esteem.

They need to behave like adults and resign.

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