Hamas’ hypocrisy

Khaled Meshaal, leader of the so-called ‘military wing’ of Hamas — as if there is anything military about terrorism against civilians, kidnapping, etc. — said yesterday that a barrage of 41 rockets and 54 mortar shells fired into Israel last week were an act of ‘self-defense’:

“It’s the Palestinians’ right to defend themselves,” Mashaal said, adding the attacks came in revenge for the killings of nine Hamas supporters by Israel. “These are violations that needed a retaliation.” — AP

Last week three Hamas terrorists were killed while planting explosives on the border fence between Gaza and Israel. Another died in Gaza when a bomb he was transporting exploded. And prior to that several were killed immediately after firing Qassam missiles at Israel. These are not defensive acts.

In another example of his ability to turn reality on its head, Meshaal blames PM Olmert for the fact that Gilad Shalit is being held by Hamas. Olmert is “personally behind the delay in the release of the Israeli soldier.”

It’s insane: Hamas criminals cross the border, grab Shalit and kill several others, and then demand the release of more than a thousand prisoners, including convicted mass murderers…but when Israel balks at the demand, Olmert is ‘responsible’?

By the way, Israeli security sources have said that the rocket and mortar barrage was intended to cover an attempt to kidnap another Israeli. So much for self-defense.

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One Response to “Hamas’ hypocrisy”

  1. onycho says:

    It might be nice if Israel would actually give Hamas a valid reason to fire rockets and mortars into Israel.

    Something like giving all the Arabs occupying Israel territory in Gaza and Sumaria 38 hours to pack their rags and move out of Israel. After that time drop some of the larger MOAB type bombs on these infested areas to make a large parking lot where the Arabs formerly occupied space.

    All of their mosques and idol alters torn down and burned.

    Then Hamas could try the same with Jordan or Devil’s Island where they are being oppressed in these locations.