Palestinian self-absorption vs. Merkel’s decency

The Palestinians were unhappy with the behavior of the German PM when she visited Israel:

“We were hoping to show her the wall that Israel built around Bethlehem, but she refused to go there,” [the spokesman] said. “President Abbas was hoping to draw parallels between Israel’s wall and the Berlin Wall. He wanted to remind [German PM Angela] Merkel of the days when she lived in East Berlin.”

“This woman is trying to be more Israeli than the Israelis,” the official said. “During her talks with President Abbas, she totally ignored major issues related to the peace process and chose to focus on the case of Gilad Schalit.

“Germany will not be able to play any role in the peace process because of the chancellor’s bias to Israel. Our people are obviously paying the price for the crimes that were perpetrated against the Jews during World War Two.” — Jerusalem Post

Their self-absorption is stunning. Parallels between the security barrier and the Berlin wall? Major issues related to the ‘peace process’ that are more important than Gilad Shalit, whom Abbas has personally promised to bring home? And the last statement is obscene.

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One Response to “Palestinian self-absorption vs. Merkel’s decency”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    It is encouraging that Merkel is supporting Israel so strongly. Her attitude contrasts with that of the majority of her countymen. It indicates a real courage on her part on an issue of great moral weight. i.e. The German obligation after the Shoah to support the survival of the Jewish state.