Pappé moves to England

History professor Dr. Ilan Pappé, possibly the most grotesquely anti-Israel of Israeli academics has left the University of Haifa (to the great relief of most of his colleagues) from which he was about to be expelled, and moved to the University of Exeter in the UK. He plans to establish a “center for Palestinian studies” there.

He’s already attacked Jewish students for forming a ‘lobby’ (!) to prevent open debate on the usual issues.

“Jewish student organizations have ceased to care for the interests and concerns of Jewish students but have become a front for the Zionist point of view. They act as an arm of the Israeli embassy,” Pappé was quoted as saying. — YNet

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that he may be dealing with students who actually have a “Zionist point of view”.

It’s hard to understand why a legitimate university would offer a position to someone like Pappé, who is distinguished mainly for defending a student who had faked historical evidence, urging British academia to boycott Israeli scholars and universities, starting the annual “Right of Return Conferences” in Israel, and making statements like this:

“…1948 was the year in which Jews had done the most evil things to others, like Jews have never done before in the period of 2000 years. Within less than a year, Jews colonized, occupied, expelled, destroyed, massacred, and raped another people.” — Pappé interview, YouTube

He is, however, a good speaker in English, and his idiosyncratic point of view (that is, idiosyncratic when held by an Israeli Jew) guarantees excitement and controversy for a university which has recently suffered financial difficulties.

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One Response to “Pappé moves to England”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    Pappe is a traitor to Israel and the Jewish people.
    He has done damage and will continue to do more.
    It is to be hoped however that his opting out of Israel is a first step in his total marginalization.