BBC reporter ‘claimed’ to have intercourse with sheep

The BBC, missing no chance to blacken the name of Israel, has published a report speculating that the 1976 Entebbe hijacking was in part perpetrated by — are we surprised? — Israel.

BBC reporter Dan Parkinson wrote,

An unnamed contact told a British diplomat in Paris that the Israeli Secret Service, the Shin Beit [sic], and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) collaborated to seize the plane.

There you are, positive proof. An unnamed contact told a diplomat named D. H. Colvin that they did it in order to “torpedo the PLO’s standing in France and to prevent what they see as a growing rapprochement between the PLO and the Americans”.

ParkinsonNow I want to get this on the record: last week my brother-in-law was told by an unnamed source that he saw Dan Parkinson having sexual intercourse with a sheep.

Go ahead, Parkinson, I want to hear you deny it.

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