One Israeli response to Christian Zionism

Israelis have traditionally been suspicious of Christian attempts to proselytize in Israel. ‘Missionary’ is not a term of approbation in Hebrew. But Israelis are coming to appreciate the friendship offered by Christian Zionists. Author Naomi Leitner is an attorney in Israel.

By Naomi Leitner

It is time for Jews to get over their blanket distrust and wariness of Christianity. Times have changed and Christianity is no longer the preeminent threat that it was to Judaism over the millennia. It is time to move on and face our new enemies, rather than continually fight the last war. Frankly, I am far more fearful of the Islamic Jihadist tugging at his suicide belt than I am of even the most fire-and-brimstone Christian thumping on his Bible.

While there may be a lot to disagree with in any political movement, we need to recall that politics is the art of making alliances and forging bonds to further common causes. One can make common cause even with people with whom one disagrees on extraneous issues. We can agree to disagree on certain issues and work together on others. For instance, my theology about the fate of New Orleans is closer to that of Rabbi Kushner (When Bad Things Happen to Good People) than it is to that of Rev. Hagee – but why does that prevent a meeting of the minds on Israel’s right to exist? Politicians succeed by finding the meetings of the minds on specific issues. And that is the essence of inter-faith alliances.

Speaking of bonds and alliances: we have no other allies. Our numbers are paltry and our enemies numerous. Should we brush away the one hand extended in genuine friendship?

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