US arms given to Fatah end up with Hamas

I’ve written that the US policy of aiding the unpopular (and just as anti-Israel) Fatah movement in its struggle with Hamas is ill-conceived. Now here’s another way in which supplying Fatah with weapons can backfire:

Hamas ambushed a convoy in the Gaza Strip on Sunday and seized a stockpile of US weapons transferred in recent months to militias associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, according to Hamas and Fatah sources.

“We obtained the US weapons and will keep hijacking any assistance the Americans provide to Fatah. Our fighters are aware of the American and Israeli conspiracies to topple our government. We’re trained and well prepared to defeat the American-backed (Palestinian) agents,” said a top member of Hamas’ military wing in the Gaza Strip. — YNet

So not only does the US deliberately provide one terrorist militia with weapons, but we inadvertently supply the other as well.

There should be a total weapons embargo placed on all the militias, and the civilized world should stop sending aid of any kind to the Palestinians until terrorist attacks (from all of the groups, including those associated with Fatah) stop.

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