UK invaded by brain-destroying aliens

YNet reports:

Dozens of British architects signed a petition which charges Israel with oppressing the Palestinian people and accuses their Israeli counterparts of being complicit in “unjust action” against the Palestinians…

Architect Will Alsop told Building Design magazine that he and his colleagues felt compelled to act. “This is not against Israel, it’s for Palestine,” he said. “I think the Palestinians are living in a prison. I’d like fellow colleagues in Israel to feel some responsibility about this shabby treatment. Architects are a fairly humanitarian lot and perhaps they could help.”

Having turned journalists like the formerly self-effacing Alan Hart into raving egotistical lunatics, and infecting a large part of the academic population, the aliens have found fertile pasture among members of yet another profession.

The symptoms include loss of the ability to absorb historical knowledge, the delusion that no matter what one’s profession one is an expert in the Middle East, and a total lack of perspective (something which must be painful for architects).

Buttugly PalaceBritish architecture, of course, was never all that great, as you can see here. So possibly their descent into idiocy wasn’t caused by possession by aliens after all, but rather a desire to have someone, anyone, pay attention to them.

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