Wipe out Hamas

The air strikes in Gaza seem to be getting to Hamas:

In response to Israeli air strikes throughout Gaza against its infrastructure, and the killing of five Hamas terrorists, spokesman for the armed wing of Hamas, Abu Obeida, said that Israel could forget about kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit if it targets senior army or political officials in the group, Israel Radio reported Saturday. — Jerusalem Post

How about “Hamas can forget about its leaders if Schalit isn’t released within 24 hours?”, something that Israel should have said, and meant, months ago.

In typical fashion, the Hamas point of view is that they are allowed to kill Jews, but Jews are not allowed to fight back:

Earlier, a Hamas spokesman said that “Israel has crossed all the lines,” and called on all Palestinian factions to “hit the Zionist enemy.”

My advice: wage total war against Hamas and wipe them out.

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