Umm Nidal

Recently a friend of mine responded to my post “396 Fresno residents support suicide bombers“. This is what she said:

Maybe one of the questions that should be posed to those who support suicide bombings is whether they would send their children on such a mission. Someone should put together a role play showing the process and have the kids and their parents go through it. I suspect you wouldn’t get many takers. It’s like any kind of war – send the kids of others.

I don’t think so. Here is a video, courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch, which shows a mother saying goodbye to her 17-year old son, wishing him Godspeed as it were, as he leaves on his suicide mission. Here is a little about the woman, known as Umm Nidal, and her son’s mission:

Maryam Mohammad Yousif Farhat (Arabic: مريم محمد يوسف فرحات) (or Mariam Farahat; born in 1950), popularly known as Umm Nidal, “the mother of Nidal” or “the mother of struggle”, is one of Hamas’ most popular candidates elected in the Palestinian legislative election, 2006. She sent three of her six sons on Hamas suicide missions against Israel.

She attracted public attention after being filmed joyously preparing and advising her 17-year old son Muhammad Farhat for his March 2002 suicide attack against Israeli civilians. After infiltrating the Gaza Strip former Jewish settlement of Atzmona, opening fire on the students and throwing hand grenades at the school where they were studying, killing five teenagers and wounding 23 others, he was shot dead. Upon hearing of her son’s death, she celebrated proclaiming “Allahu Akbar!” and giving out boxes of halva and chocolates. — Wikipedia

With all due respect, my friend doesn’t know the creatures she’s dealing with.

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One Response to “Umm Nidal”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    The Islamists seem to be writing a new chapter in human cruelty, stupidity , ugliness and evil.
    It is a shame.
    It is difficult for ‘ordinary’ human beings to understand how these celebrators of murder and destruction are doing what they are doing.
    There is really no excuse for them, and no redemption either.