Johnston’s price

Just a few posts ago, I speculated on the price paid for kidnapped BBC reporter Alan Johnston:

Johnston, a BBC journalist quite friendly to the Palestinian cause, was held for almost four months in what apparently started as a ransom scheme — the BBC having very deep pockets. If the BBC did pay for his release, they are of course not saying.

Well, here you go:

Sources close to Jaysh Al-Islam have revealed that the organization received $5 million and a million Kalashnikov rifle bullets in a deal for the release of BBC correspondent Alan Johnston.

According to Palestinian sources, Jaysh Al-Islam commander Mumtaz Daghmoush received a guarantee from Hamas that he would not stand trial for crimes he was suspected of carrying out, and that Hamas would release Jaysh Al-Islam’s spokesman, whom it was holding. Further, Hamas and Jaysh Al-Islam agreed not to reveal which operations they had carried out jointly…

Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Palestinian Authority, July 6, 2007 — MEMRI

And here I thought that the release was entirely a result of Hamas’ courageous decision to confront the kidnappers and force Johnston’s release!

Speculations that the release of Johnston is an indication that Hamas is also ready to release kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit may have been premature.

They will stretch this out as long as possible in order to get more than their pound of flesh from a foolishly compliant Israel.

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One Response to “Johnston’s price”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    The whole thing is sickening.
    The Hamas murderous cruelty of a couple of weeks ago is completely forgotten about.
    Their fundamental character as terrorist organization is also forgotten about.
    If the West loses the war on Terror it will because of its weakness from within.