Are we really as stupid as we seem?

Khaled Abu Toameh reports:

Fatah will fight alongside Hamas if and when the IDF launches a military operation in the Gaza Strip, a senior Fatah official in Gaza City said Thursday.

“Fatah won’t remain idle in the face of an Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip,” the official said. “We will definitely fight together with Hamas against the Israeli army. It’s our duty to defend our people against the occupiers.”

The Fatah official said his faction would place political differences aside and form a joint front against Israel if the IDF enters the Gaza Strip. “The homeland is more important than all our differences,” he said…

According to…reports, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have decided to invite representatives of Fatah and Hamas for talks on ways of ending their power struggle.

Big surprise.

Russian APCMeanwhile, the German Foreign Minister suggests that Europe should send aid to Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah faction, the Israeli government [!] has approved sending Russian armored personnel carriers, rifles and ammunation to Abbas, and Israel plans to release 400 Fatah security prisoners this Sunday.

No, Israel has not said that they will teach them to drive the APCs. That will probably be the job of US Generals James Jones and Keith Dayton, whose job is to ‘coordinate security’ and build up the Fatah faction’s ability to ‘fight terror’.

Last week, terrorists of Fatah’s al-Aqsa brigades murdered Israeli Ido Zoltan. Not Hamas. Fatah.

So they don’t agree to recognize Israel’s identity as a Jewish state, they plan to cooperate with Hamas — although they have supposedly agreed with the ‘roadmap’ that they will disarm and dismantle terrorist groups — and they can’t or won’t control their own terrorists. Partner…or enemy?

It should be 100% clear by now, to the US, Europe, and Israel, that Fatah’s moderation is only wishful thinking, and the strategy of building a solution to the conflict on it cannot possibly succeed. Arms supplied to Fatah will be used directly against Israel, as they were in the Oslo period, or they will end up in the hands of Hamas as they did earlier this year. How many times do we need to make the same mistake?

Are we really as stupid as we seem?

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