What are the Palestinians paying for?

Why does Ahmadinejad care about the Holocaust?

Possibly lots of reasons, but one of them is to make a poor argument against Israel.

“Granted this happened, what does it have to do with the Palestinian people?” he said…

Ahmadinejad said he simply wanted more research on the Holocaust, which he said was abused as a justification for Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinians.

“Why is it that the Palestinian people are paying the price for an event they had nothing to do with?” Ahmadinejad asked. — Jerusalem Post report of his Columbia University speech

al-Husseini in BerlinThe Holocaust actually has little to do with the Palestinians, unless you are talking about the Palestinian Nazi, Haj Amin al-Husseini. But the idea that Israel was created as a result of the Holocaust is nonsense.

By 1939 the Zionists had put all of the institutions of the Jewish state in place. The only thing that remained was to kick out the British. And there’s no doubt that would have happened, with or without the Holocaust. Indeed, many of the six million would probably have ended up in Israel instead of the smokestacks of Auschwitz.

The Palestinians are paying the price, actually, of some choices made by their leaders and friends.

  • They are paying for the choice made by al-Husseini to try to drive the Jews out of Palestine and, when this failed, to ally himself with Hitler.
  • They are paying for the choice made by the Arab nations to try to destroy Israel in 1948.
  • They are paying — a very high price — for the choice made by the Arab nations to not try to solve the refugee problem, but rather to exacerbate it in order to use it against Israel.
  • They are paying the price for Nasser’s arrogance and desire to commit genocide in 1967.
  • They are paying the price for almost everything ever done by Yasser Arafat.
  • And now they are paying for electing a Hamas-dominated Palestinian authority.

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One Response to “What are the Palestinians paying for?”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    While Ahmadinejad was criticized for certain fabrications this particular one, which is most important to those who care for Israel, was so far as I know not corrected or criticized in even one mainstream media, including the ‘Jerusalem Post’ and ‘Haaretz’.