All about Zionist genetic weapons

Gen. BagherzadehSometimes stupidity becomes so overwhelming that one wants to… well, you decide:

An Iranian official has said that the U.S., assisted by Israel, is seeking to create a genetic and molecular bank to manufacture new types of unconventional weapons.

Addressing an international seminar on “The Consequences of the Use of Chemical Weapons against Iran,” Foundation for the Protection of the Values of the Sacred Defense head Gen. Mir Feysal Bagherzadeh said that the U.S., in collaboration with the Zionist regime of Israel, is forming a bank of the molecules and genes of the different world nations and peoples in pursuit of its hostile goals.

“This is not done in pursuit of humanitarian goals. Rather they are seeking to manufacture a weapon which could kill specific peoples in a limited geographical area,” he stressed.

[He said that] after the recent crash of a Thai plane, U.S. and Israeli experts searched for corpses of Iranian nationals in a bid to obtain their genes for the research. — MEMRI

To dispose of the scientific issue first, no, there can’t be such a weapon. Human genes are remarkably similar among ethnic groups. And even if there were a way to discriminate, populations — especially in the US and Israel — are very diverse. Who’s to say that the many Israeli Jews of Sephardic ancestry — like the current Chief of Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, whose mother came from Syria, or his predecessor, Dan Halutz, whose father came from Iran — are not likely to have characteristics similar to those of Syrians and Iranians?

But racists just love this kind of stuff. People who used to talk about blood now talk about genetics. The same Jewish genes that make Jews intelligent but irredeemably evil allow for targeted biological weapons, in this view! Of course, the most that can be said is that statistically one ethnic group may have a greater likelihood to possess particular characteristics than another.

Actually, what really separates peoples are things like education and features of culture. And cultures are prey to diseases caused by what one might call ‘social viruses’, of which antisemitism is a particularly contagious and virulent example.

This particular libel is, in a way, perfect. The evil Jews, evil because of their Jewish blood, use this very same blood as a talisman to protect them against a fearsome plague that they start themselves! Shades of the well-poisoners who brought the Black Death on Europe.

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One Response to “All about Zionist genetic weapons”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    The hate- fantasies of the Islamist propagandists are so ridiculous that we wonder how anyone could possibly believe them. But crazy conspiracy theories abound in the Arabic -Islamic world as researcher David Cook of Rice University has pointed out. And these kind of fantasies based are readily accepted in this world.
    How does one change the mind- set of a whole culture?