Ants under a magnifying glass

The ‘logic’ of Annapolis:

Channel 2 reported [that] an Israeli team that returned from the US on Friday said that both the US and Saudi Arabia were pressing Israel to free far more than the 400 Palestinian security prisoners Olmert has announced he plans to release ahead of Annapolis.

Meanwhile, a senior official told The Jerusalem Post that the defense establishment was examining the ramifications of a proposal being drafted to release several hundred prisoners per month after Annapolis.

The idea behind the plan, which has yet to be presented to Olmert, is that quiet on the “Palestinian street” – required for fruitful negotiations – can be achieved by releasing a significant number of prisoners every month.

“If the summit is successful and negotiations ensue, then it might be necessary to keep the Palestinians happy and quiet,” an official said. “One way to do that is to release prisoners.” — Jerusalem Post [my emphasis]

The way to keep things quiet is to release prisoners? Let us remember that they are prisoners for a reason; they were arrested for taking part in terrorist activities. Release “several hundred a month” and you are guaranteeing to increase, not decrease terrorism.

But of course it doesn’t matter. The US State Department has decided, in response to its puppet-masters in the Christian and Jew-hating apartheid Kingdom, that Palestinian prisoners will be released and armed, and that Israel will withdraw from the West Bank and (especially) East Jerusalem.

This will happen regardless of what Israel has to say about it. Although Israeli representatives will be present at the conference, they will have as much influence on the outcome as the Czechs, who were not invited to Munich in 1938, had on the decisions reached there. Israel does not say no to the US (can she?) and the State Department is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the House of Saud.

Israel would like the ‘summit’ to just produce general understandings, which will serve as the basis for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Unfortunately, the US and the Kingdom have other ideas. We can expect an explicit timetable to be set for significant Israeli concessions.

Everything possible will be extracted from Israel in advance in order to make the meeting a ‘success’ that will enable the ultimate transfer of territory and the establishment of ‘Palestine’. Anything that weakens Israel and makes the terror weapon of the Arabs more effective will be considered ‘progress’, because it will enable more pressure to be exerted on Israel.

Olmert, Livni, and Barak are pretending that they have some control over the process, but I suspect that they feel like ants under a magnifying glass on a sunny day.

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