Reality inversion alert!

Reality inversion alerts will be issued by whenever Israel’s enemies or their lackeys are caught using their favorite propaganda technique, which is to turn the truth upside down by falsely accusing Israel of doing exactly what they themselves do or try to do.

So, for example, when lackey of apartheid Saudi Arabia Jimmy Carter accuses Israel of being an “apartheid state”, or when the genocidal Hamas movement accuses Israel of committing genocide against Palestinians, reality inversion is taking place.

Here’s today’s inversion:

The Turkish delegation that visited Jerusalem in March to inspect the excavations at the Mughrabi Gate near the Temple Mount has concluded that the work is destroying artifacts from different historic Islamic periods, and called on Israel to coordinate their activities with the Palestinians and the international community, the Turkish newspaper A-Zamaan reported on Saturday.

“The work being conducted by Israel does not abide by the appropriate [excavation standards], and the dig testifies to the fact that Israel is interested in destroying artifacts from the Islamic periods,” the report quoted the envoy as saying. — Jerusalem Post

Of course this is not the case. In fact, the digging around the Mughrabi Gate (outside the walls of the Temple Mount) has been done under extremely close archaeological supervision. On the other hand the Muslim Waqf is now — and has in the past — conducted extensive construction activity on the Temple Mount itself with no supervision, and archaeologists were scandalized when artifacts were found in discarded rubble.

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