FresnoZionism’s first anniversary is one year old this month. The first post, on December 6, 2006, was inspired by the publication of the Iraq Study Group report with its appalling suggestion that the US buy its way out of Iraq by betraying Israel — an idea that, unfortunately, seems to have become policy.

This is the 725th post. Since the beginnning, FresnoZionism has gotten about 60,000 page hits from about 10,000 unique IP addresses. Only some fraction of these are real people reading it, of course. There are 247 comments on these posts, many of them by the indefatigable Shalom Freedman in Jerusalem. There are 33 other sites with links to FresnoZionism right now. All of this makes us small potatoes in the blog world.

Writers and editors are nourished the thought that somewhere someone is actually reading what they produce. Thank you all for this.

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