Who’s behind terrorism in Israel and Iraq?

Nasrallah with AhmadinejadThose of us who felt that the Second Lebanon War was an unmitigated disaster for Israel might take some comfort in the fact that a great deal of pain was inflicted on Hizbullah.

Some of Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s responsibilities have been taken away by the organization’s backer Iran, the pan-Arabic daily Asharq Alawsat claimed Thursday.

Reportedly, Nasrallah is no longer in control of the organization’s military wing, which is now headed by Nasrallah’s deputy Sheikh Na’im Kassem.

The Iranian official Asharq Alawsat cites as the one who demoted Nasrallah is none other than Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei…

Western intelligence sources cited by Asharq reported that Teheran was furious over Nasrallah’s conduct during the Second Lebanon War and that was the reasoning behind the decision to diminish Nasrallah’s authority. — Jerusalem Post

If nothing else, this emphasizes just how much Hizbullah is a creature of Iran. Indeed, the same article mentions that

Hizbullah’s budget in the last 18 months has been $1 billion, to compensate the organization for the losses it suffered during the war. Hizbullah’s yearly Iranian budget stands on $400 million, [an Iranian Revolutionary Guard officer] added. [my emphasis]

Can you imagine if an enemy of the US were paying billions to terrorists in southern Canada to fire missles across the border and kidnap our soldiers?

Hizbullah is directly supplied through Syria and financed by Iran. The terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad receive similar support, as well as help from Saudi Arabia.

Keep this in mind when you hear that the conflict is between the Israeli Goliath and the oppressed Palestinian Davids.

Condi Rice should think about this when she compares Palestinians to blacks in the segregated South. And then ask herself who is paying and supplying the insurgents that are killing our soldiers in Iraq.

It isn’t Israel.

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