Israel could learn from Jordan

One Arab country which did condemn the murders in Jerusalem was Jordan. And that’s not all they did:

The relatives [of Ala Abu Dhaim, the murderer], who live near Amman, tried Friday to erect a large tent to receive mourners, but were ordered by Jordanian security officers to dismantle it immediately…

They were also instructed to remove Hamas and Hizbullah flags that were hanging on rooftops and electricity poles…

“We were hoping that people would come to congratulate us on the martyrdom of my nephew,” [Abu Dhaim’s uncle] said. “This is a heroic operation that must be celebrated by everyone here”…

“The Jordanian authorities’ decision is unjustified and doesn’t make sense. My nephew carried out a heroic operation against an extremist Zionist college that calls for killing Palestinians.” — Jerusalem Post

A little window into the Arab mind. Needless to say, the Merkaz haRav yeshiva does not call for killing Palestinians, although Hamas makes the murder of Jews part of its platform. But here is the kicker:

Another family member living in Jordan said it was ironic that the Jordanians had banned the public mourning while Israel was allowing Abu Dhaib’s family in Jerusalem to receive mourners and hoist Hizbullah and Hamas flags.

Ironic indeed.

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One Response to “Israel could learn from Jordan”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    It is not ‘ironic’. It is shameful. I cannot understand how the government and the police are allowing this.