Palestinian photographer killed, IDF investigating

News item:

The IDF says it will investigate the killing of a cameraman for the Reuters news agency in Gaza.

Fadel Shana was killed while filming an Israeli tank in Gaza on Wednesday, a day of heavy fighting. His final footage shows the tank firing a shell in his direction. Palestinian medics say five others were killed in the incident, including four teenagers.

The New York-based group Human Rights Watch says its investigation suggests soldiers fired either recklessly or targeted Shana. — Jerusalem Post

The event is being promoted as a deliberate killing of a non-combatant whose vehicle was marked “TV”, etc.

One thing that is never explained when these accusations are made is exactly how Israel would benefit if it were so. Of course there’s no need to, since the devilish nature of the IDF and indeed all Israelis is taken for granted.

I wasn’t there, of course, but neither was HRW. The whole story raises many questions about what actually happened and why. You can see photos and the original Reuters video, as well as read about likely scenarios here, at Snapped Shot.

My guess is that it will turn out, upon full investigation, that the reporter was ’embedded’ with a Hamas rocket launching team, in which case he should have known quite well what the risks were.

What is important is that the IDF is responding to the accusations. They have learned that it is necessary to dig out the truth in these cases, rather than to let them go unanswered to become part of the great mass of Palestinian lies and libels of the al-Dura variety.

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