The Devil and Jimmy Carter

Below: the Devil takes full possession of Jimmy Carter’s soul. I wonder what he had to pay for it?

Carter lays wreath at Arafat's grave

Carter lays wreath at grave of Yasser Arafat

Jimmy Carter is not (entirely) senile, and he has read a history book. He knows full well that Yasser Arafat is personally responsible for the murder of countless Jews, mostly innocent civilians, children, Olympic athletes, and an old man in a wheelchair.

He knows full well that at least three wars were started as a direct result of Yasser Arafat’s machinations, in which hundreds of young Jordanians, Lebanese, Israelis, Palestinians and others were killed.

He knows full well that Yasser Arafat had hundreds of Palestinian Arabs who were his political opponents murdered, allegedly for ‘collaboration’ with Israel.

He knows full well that Yasser Arafat stole literally billions of dollars which were intended to build a Palestinian economy and improve the condition of the Palestinian Arabs, and deposited it in his Swiss bank account. His fat, spoiled wife still gets $10,000 a month from the Palestinian Authority (undoubtedly covered by the US).

He knows full well that Yasser Arafat entered the Oslo ‘peace’ process with no intention to make peace and immediately constructed an ‘educational’ and media system designed to destroy the possibility of peace and to help young children grow up to be martyrs for the cause.

He knows full well that Yasser Arafat destroyed the two-state option by ordering and financing terrorism during the Oslo period and then rejecting the Clinton-Barak proposals in 2000, choosing war instead.

He knows full well that Yasser Arafat made peace between Israel and the Palestinians impossible by intervening at one of the rare historical moments when the conflict could have been solved and preventing its solution. How many more Arabs and Jews have yet to die as a result?

Carter knows all this, but he still honors the foul piece of garbage, the filthy snake who was likely one of the worst political actors of the 20th century (and believe me, he had competition)!

What did the Devil pay him for his soul?

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2 Responses to “The Devil and Jimmy Carter”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    Carter is a severe case of Stupid Idealism. His role in life is to bring about Peace- no matter what the price. This is how he sees himself, and in truth his major accomplishment in life the Israeli- Egyptian peace agreement is a considerable one. Since then however it has been all downhill, including his failure to prevent the rise of Khomeini’s Iran. For this sin we are still paying the price.

  2. Vic Rosenthal says:

    True, he succeeded in browbeating poor Begin to agree to all of Sadat’s conditions. He should have gotten him to take Gaza, too!

    But I don’t think he’s just a ‘useful idiot’. By supporting Palestinian aspirations — which are to reverse the 1948 war and expel the Jews — he is working to bring about the opposite of peace. I think the fact that the Carter Center has received millions from Saudi Arabia, and that Carter himself has received Arab money speaks for itself.