Paying Kellogg to fight cornflakes

The US plan to pay, train and arm the Palestinian Authority’s ‘security’ forces to ‘fight terrorism’ has always been surreal. Someone recently likened this to paying Kellogg to fight cornflakes.

For example,

Israel recently rejected a request by the US security coordinator to the region to allow Palestinian security forces to receive personal armor kits, night-vision goggles and electronic communication systems that the PA planned to use to set up a military communications network, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The request was made to the Defense Ministry by Lt.-Gen. Keith Dayton, the American security coordinator to the Palestinians and Israel.

Senior defense officials said Wednesday that Dayton made the request on behalf of the Palestinian Authority several weeks ago and that it was immediately rejected, since some of the items had the potential to “break the balance” between the IDF and the PA security forces. — Jerusalem Post

What kind of insane logic is at work here? If they are enemies then they should not be given one rifle bullet, not to mention night-vision equipment and body armor. Balance? Is the idea that they are allowed to be dangerous, but not too dangerous? Tell it to the families of any number of Israeli victims of terrorists who also happen to be members of the PA ‘security’ forces.

The US, with Israel’s cooperation, is arming Fatah — the single terrorist organization that has killed more Israelis than any other — because somebody thinks, despite clear statements and concrete proof to the contrary, that they will use their weapons to fight Hamas?

I don’t think that even the US State Department is far enough removed from reality to believe that. So the question arises: why is the US arming Fatah?

I am not going to speculate. But Israel should send Lt.-Gen. Dayton home posthaste.

Incidentally, following the remarkably obsequious welcome given President Bush — even by Olmertian standards — one wonders what other shoe will be dropped during this visit.

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One Response to “Paying Kellogg to fight cornflakes”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    I cannot get over the naievete , stupidity, absurdity of the American relation to the Palestinians. Funding them, arming them as they tell the Americans how much they hate them. Propping up a corrupt organization which seems to stand for no one, and certainly cannot keep any kind of peace agreement with Israel.
    I am convinced that the Saudi dog is wagging the State Department tail in all this.
    Olmert with his fictive peace negotiations also should be sent for examination.
    We need people who not only can lead, but who can read the situation , and understand it for what is .
    As it is now the American conception and the Israeli conception are all wrong.