Who owns the word ‘peace’?

There was a time when people who were in favor of legalized abortion were called ‘pro-abortion’, and those who opposed it ‘anti-abortion’. But ‘pro-abortion’ sounded a little harsh, so the term ‘pro-choice’ was invented. The idea was supposedly that they do not especially like the idea of abortion, but are in favor of allowing women to choose it, if they, er, so choose.

But this was also a  stroke of PR genius, because it makes their opponents ‘anti-choice’, which has very negative, authoritarian connotations. Partly in self-defense and partly to emphasize the fact that they were also opposed to physician-assisted suicide, etc., the previously anti-abortion people became ‘pro-life’.

This was even better than ‘pro-choice’ because it made their opponents either ‘anti-life’ or, better yet, ”pro-death’!

In any event, my head spins when I hear either ‘pro-choice’ or ‘pro-life’, and I have to take a second to translate it back into the much easier-to-understand terminology of pro- and anti-abortion.

Now, why am I talking about this? Because the same thing has happened to the word ‘peace’, which has been appropriated by the Left. In the context of the Mideast, being ‘pro-peace’ means being in favor of Israel making concessions.

Peace Now, Jewish Voice for Peace, Gush Shalom, the “pro-Israel pro-peace” J Street — all call for an Israeli withdrawal from the territories, the return of the Golan to Syria, negotiations with Hamas, etc.

Would these policies bring peace? Probably not. Returning the Golan to Syria, for example, would probably increase the chances of war by improving Syria’s strategic position. Negotiating with Hamas would strengthen Hamas and make it more likely for Hamas to get international recognition without mitigating its commitment to destroy Israel.  Withdrawal from the West Bank would lead to a Hamas takeover there. These events would lead away from peace, not toward it.

But my opposing the policies of the ‘peace camp’ makes me ‘anti-peace’ or even ‘pro-war’. What nonsense! Who gave the Left title to the word ‘peace’?

Those who advocate a posture of strength, not concessions are actually pro-peace. Perhaps the others should be called ‘pro-appeasement’ or even ‘pro-surrender’.

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One Response to “Who owns the word ‘peace’?”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    ‘Peace camp’ and ‘Occupation’ are two of the key propaganda tactics which are used all the time against Israel. For some reason we do not ‘invent new terms’ or ways of thinking of the conflict which will explain our case. We let ourselves be subject to these manipulations.