Psychotic with hatred

News item:

Samir Kuntar and four Lebanese prisoners captured in the Second Lebanon War will receive an official state welcoming when they are released by Israel on Wednesday as part of the prisoner swap with Hizbullah.

The five men will be greeted at Beirut’s airport by Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and President Michel Suleiman…

In Kuntar’s home in Abey, streets are decorated with banners welcoming the return of the former member of the radical Palestine Liberation Front. “Samir Kuntar is the conscience of Lebanon, Palestine and the Arab nation. Abey welcomes the hero, prisoner Samir Kuntar,” reads one sign. [my emphasis]

Incredible. They are simply psychotic with hatred. Smashing the heads of children is national policy. Only the Nazis compare.

Meanwhile,  the President of the State of Israel illustrates that he has no understanding of what this is about:

“We do not want murderers to go free,” [President Shimon Peres] said, “but we have a moral obligation to bring home soldiers whom we sent to defend their country”, and as painful as it is for Nina Keren the mother and grandmother of Danny Haran and his daughter Einat who were killed in Nahariya by Samir Kuntar in 1982 [sic], he also had to consider the families of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev who had done so much and had been waiting for two years to have their boys come home. — Jerusalem Post

Peres  has never been more wrong. It is not about balancing the interests of the Haran, Goldwasser and Regev families. Not at all.

It is not even about the State of Israel. It is about the Jewish People and the need to show the world that murdering Jews because they are Jews will not be tolerated or excused.

Hizbullah’s commander in south Lebanon, Sheik Nabil Kaouk, said Tuesday that Wednesday’s prisoner exchange showed Israel’s “humiliating failure in confronting the resistance militarily and politically.”

He is right and Peres is wrong. Kuntar should have been executed in 1979, but there’s still time to correct the error.

Update [16 Jul 1025 PDT]: Corrected the date of the Haran murders to 1979.

Kuntar is free. Read a devastating analysis of Israel’s policy of trading prisoners with terror organizations here.

Update [16 Jul 1040 PDT]:  News item:

Abbas congratulates family of Samir Kuntar

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday sent his regards to the families of Samir Kuntar and the other four Lebanese prisoners scheduled to be transferred to Hizbullah.

Abbas praised the prisoner swap and congratulated the Kuntar family.

Israel should immediately terminate negotiations and break relations with the Palestinian Authority, which has showed itself to be a terrorist entity.

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One Response to “Psychotic with hatred”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    Where is the editorial comment of the most enlightened Western newspapers and journals in regard to the ‘moral meaning’ of a whole culture celebrating a child- murderer?
    How is it that the outrage over this is confined largely to Jewish and Israeli voices? Where is everybody decent in the world?