Scholars and gentlemen lose control of Hamas

The remarkable Khaled Abu Toameh reports,

[A] secret ballot was held about 10 days ago for the Shura (Consultative) Council, which is made up of Hamas’s senior political and religious leadership and is tasked with discussing all important issues.

The names of the Shura Council members are kept secret, although it is believed that some of them are based in a number of Arab countries.

The sources told the Post the vote resulted in a major victory for representatives of the “young guard” in Hamas, most of whom are affiliated with the movement’s armed wing, Izzadin Kassam.

The sources described the victory as a “coup,” pointing out that the newly-elected members were far more radical than those who were ousted from the council.

“The Shura Council of Hamas is now dominated by warlords, thugs and militiamen,” one source said. “The new members are not as educated as their predecessors.”

Previously, I assume, it was led by scholars and gentlemen?

This is apparently the way of all violent movements: the most brutal and ruthless end up in control. And we can also understand why Fatah doesn’t stand a chance against Hamas.

Indeed, on Monday, Elder of Ziyon wrote:

I have mentioned before the fact that Hamas is much stronger and Fatah much weaker in the West Bank than the world realizes.

Well, many PA [Palestinian Authority] leaders agree.

Firas Press is reporting that a large number of PA leaders are sending their kids to school – in Jordan. They anticipate that sometime during this school year there will be widespread fatal Hamas/Fatah violence of the type that shook Gaza last year and they want to keep their kids safe.

Moreover, they are scrambling to get jobs for the PA diplomatic corps abroad so they don’t get caught in the crossfire when Hamas starts hunting Fatah leaders in the West Bank. They are taking Hamas’ recent threats to conquer the West Bank very seriously.

When (not if) this happens, what will happen to the American position that there is a pressing need to create a Palestinian state? What will happen to the huge amount of aid going to the PA today, and the weapons and equipment being supplied to ‘strengthen Abbas to fight terror’?

I’m sure that the IDF has a military contingency plan. Does the US have a diplomatic one?

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One Response to “Scholars and gentlemen lose control of Hamas”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    It is clear that Israel cannot allow Hamastan to extend into Judea and Samaria. Thus it cannot adopt the ‘let them fight it out’ strategy it adoped in Gaza when Hamas and Fatah clashed.
    And this said I have no idea of what kind of military capability either ‘Hamas’ or ‘Fatah’ have in Judea and Samaria.
    I would be interested in seeing a piece on this question.