Ship[s] of Fools sailing to Gaza

S.S. Liberty, with Useful Idiots on board

S.S. Liberty, with Useful Idiots on board

A pair of ships will leave Cyprus for Gaza tomorrow with the intention of  ‘breaking the blockade’.

Those on board will include three European parliamentarians, holocaust survivor Heddy Epstein, Jeff Halper, an Israeli and member of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Lauren Booth, the sister of Cherrie Blair, and a number of journalists and human rights activists.

Ex-U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s Carter Center has backed the voyage as has former anti-Apartheid activist and Nobel Laureate winner, South African Bishop Desmond Tutu…

“We want to bring it to the world’s attention that Gaza is virtually an outdoor concentration camp,” Greta Berlin, a spokeswoman for the Free Gaza Movement, told AFP. — Middle East Times

And what a concentration camp! One supplied through literally hundreds of tunnels, some of which include fuel pipelines and have been used to smuggle everything from anti-aircraft missiles to zoo animals; one which fields an army of at more than 20,000 well-equipped and trained soldiers; and one which is developing its own weapons industry and fires its products into Israel on a regular basis.

Hamas receives funds directly from Iran, and the Palestinian Authority (i.e., the US and EU)  still pays its thousands of ’employees’ in Gaza although Hamas is in charge. There are also ‘refugee’ camps in Gaza — while Gaza is entirely governed by Palestinians, almost 500,000 ‘refugees’ are still in camps there — and these refugees receive money and services from the UNRWA, the UN organization which exists only to provide for Palestinian refugees. UNRWA too has thousands of employees in Gaza, but its charter is not to integrate refugees but rather to keep them separate until they can ‘return’ to Israel proper.

Many Gaza residents formerly worked in industrial zones near the border with Israel, or in Israel proper. Hamas has mortared and suicide-bombed the industrial zones and shells the crossings regularly, so this economic option is not open. And as I’ve mentioned before, even the infrastructure left behind by the evicted Israeli settlers was destroyed. So most Gaza residents either are employees of Hamas, the PA, or UNRWA, or they are refugees who receive UNRWA’s dole, or they ‘work’ in smuggling, or are members of criminal gangs or one of the smaller terrorist factions like the Islamic Jihad.

It’s easy to imagine what would happen if the crossings between Israel and Gaza were opened as the travelers on the Ship[s] of Fools would like. While there are undoubtedly Gazans who would welcome the opportunity to find work in Israel, Hamas would certainly take the opportunity to insert operatives, kidnap Israelis, etc. The Gaza crossings would indeed become the gates of hell.

What is interesting in an abnormal-psychology way is why people like Cherie Blair’s sister think that they are working for a worthy cause when Hamas has made it 100% clear by word and deed that they aim to kill Jews, eliminate the democratic nation of Israel and set up a fundamentalist Islamic state. Surely they can’t think that helping them in this enterprise will somehow improve the world.

The Israeli security establishment has had some time to think about this latest employment of the Useful Idiot brigade, so I hope they have a creative solution. Possibly just let them land in Gaza (one assumes that the women are prepared to don appropriate Islamic attire so they won’t get beaten up). They can make their statements about racist apartheid Israel and then get on their boats and go back to Cyprus.

Personally I’d say “sink the bastards”, but this is why I’m not in charge of anything more lethal than this blog.

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One Response to “Ship[s] of Fools sailing to Gaza”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    This is a powerful article. It shows just how foolish, and hypocritical these alleged do- gooders are. Supporting the terrorist- regime in Gaza is morever an immoral act of the first degree. In these case then the do- gooders are do- badders in the first degree.