The Arab world is wacko, but very dangerous

Michael Slackman of the NY Times has noticed that a huge number of Arabs and Muslims believe that 9/11 was perpetrated by the Mossad, the Bush administration, or both, in order to give the US an excuse to attack Muslims.

After all, didn’t we immediately invade Iraq? Weren’t Jews who worked at the WTC forewarned?

Teenage Mohammed Atta with his fatherI don’t know why it took so long for the media to notice this phenomenon.  I recall an interview given by the father of Mohammed Atta, a lawyer in Cairo, shortly after it became known that Atta had piloted AA flight 11 into the north tower of the WTC. In the space of about a minute, he managed to say both that the operation was a great victory for Islam and that the Mossad was responsible for it.

Although the facts are easily checked, a determined individual can ignore them or can construct an explanation that shows that any apparent contradiction to his belief is only apparent. As everyone knows, there is a burgeoning “9/11 truth” movement in the US. There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of blogs and websites, videos and podcasts, purporting to prove that the events were something other than a terrorist attack by Islamic fundamentalists (personally, I was convinced that President Bush was innocent after I saw his first statement, made from Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, Louisiana: that man was scared to death because something awful was happening and he didn’t have a clue what to do about it).

In any event, the collective insanity surrounding 9/11 is par for the course in the Arab world. Note that it is never enough to blame the US, the real source of evil in the world — Israel — has to be implicated. Here is a snippet from an article by one Tariq Majeed in the Pakistan Observer:

The US War on Terror is in reality a Zionist war against Muslims of the world. In fact it is Third World War which has been going on one-sidedly since 1948 i.e. after the creation of Israel. Since the present democratic government coming into power, the US officials have been rushing to Pakistan to ensure that the leaders of the new government will continue their support in achieving the US goals of War on Terror. While there are no declared goals but the real goals are hidden and it is necessary for us to know these. The ultimate and hidden goal of War on Terror is to make all the Muslim countries US colonies and capture their natural resources. The other goal is to malign and ridicule the Muslims and distort the concept of Jehad. The ultimate Zionist goal of War On Terror is to create justification and then to actually carry out attacks on Mecca and Madian [sic] and then to fulfill the Zionist dream of a greater Israel. Zionists are using US and NATO to achieve their goal. The UN is also helping the Zionists in every respect [!].

Majeed continues,

What is CIA and Mossad role in the War on Terror? CIA and Mossad are playing a very important role in the so called War on Terror. They plan the war on the basis of information secretly gathered by their agents and then carry out sting operations like 9/11 and suicide bomb attacks to create harassment for people and justification for continuing the US attacks on Muslim countries.

Why Muslims are being targeted? Islam and Muslims are the only hurdle before the Zionist plan to implement the New World Order and to achieve the economic and political control of the world. Hence the Muslims are being targeted and victimized all over the world. Why 9/11 was carried out? 9/11 was the biggest CIA sting operation carried out in its history. The purpose of this operation was to create a fear in the American people that US can be and has been attacked by Muslims and there was a justification to increase and accelerate the war against them. A fear is constantly created amongst Americans that the incidents like 9/11 could happen again.

Pakistan is a great source for this kind of thing. Here is some text from an article in the Pakistan Daily by Dhruv Gadhvi:

The dominance of Jewish interests over American interests could also be seen in 2003 when the ziocons pushed the Bush regime into a proxy zionist [sic] war against Iraq. The ziocons hoped this would be the first of many zionist [sic] proxy wars against anti-zionist [sic] Arab/Moslem countries — devastating each country in virtually the same way as the Jews-only state has devastated Palestinian society.

But not only are the Zionists responsible for the war an Iraq, they are even a danger to the US itself:

So, even if the Jews-only state does not yet have nuclear missiles which could reach America it has submarines which could probably traverse the oceans to bring America within range of its nuclear weapons. It is bizarre that America helped to fund the acquisition of these subs for the Jews-only state…

With each transfer of military technology and military hardware, the Jews-only state becomes militarily stronger and thus more capable of striking a terrible blow to America. And yet since 1967, all American administrations have seemed perfectly willing to provide most types of military hardware and technology to the Jews-only state.

The idea that Israel would attack the US with nuclear weapons is what is bizarre, actually. On the other hand, it is not so bizarre to imagine Pakistani nuclear weapons being transferred to terrorists for use against the US. But that’s another story (read it here: Douglas Bloomfield, “Iran may be bombastic but Pakistan has the Bomb“).

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  1. ME says:

    Attempting to shift blame by means of the improbable and outrageous to interject doubt as to guilt, is fascist propoganda.