First, recognize the Jewish state


I am prepared to negotiate with any side that desires to advance peace between Israel and the Palestinians…Contrary to reports, I don’t condition dialogue with the Palestinians on recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Nevertheless, progress in the peace process does depend on the willingness to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. — Jerusalem Post

It is hard to understand what ‘dialogue’ there could be without such recognition.

When the Arabs refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, they are simply saying “you do not have a right of self-determination here”. They are reaffirming their opinion that Israel does not belong to the Jewish people, it belongs to them. Indeed, they do not think there is a Jewish people, only Jews living in Western Palestine.

This goes far beyond saying that although they rejected the UN partition in 1947 they now agree that the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan should be partitioned between Jewish and Arab states. It says that there should not be any Jewish state.

One often hears that a Palestinian state is a necessary condition for peace. In any event, as the establishment of Palestinian sovereignty in Gaza has shown, it is certainly not a sufficient condition.

A Palestinian state which does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state will be a state at war with Israel. So doesn’t it make sense to deal with recognition first, before creating the state?

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2 Responses to “First, recognize the Jewish state”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    The long history of duplicitous formulas in regard to Arab recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is the best proof that real unequivocal recognition of Israel is required as precondition for any negotiation towards a possible Arab Palestinian state. For what has invariably happened without this is that the duplicity has persisted throughout and beyond the negotiation, meaning that no real recognition was ever given.

  2. DALevit says:

    It looks like there simply is no solution. This problem has gone on for so long, it will continue, probably throughout time.

    If I were in charge in Israel, I’d admit that, and then say “screw you” or words to that effect to America, et al, then take back all of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, ship every Arab not loyal to Israel out with no explanations, out from all the territories won in the war like any other country on earth would do. Then use the army to keep them from coming back in. If Israel is going to have to live under all this stress anyway, why not get the b–ls to act in the best interests of the people given this land, the Jewish Nation of Israel?

    I’d Stop kicking people out of their homes, out of their jobs. Support the people. Even if, G-d forbid, it’s only for another 20 years – make them good years for the Jewish people. There are times I wonder if my country is going to make it in the coming years. I’m glad I’m old enough, I won’t see anything else. We had our great days, back in the 50’s and 60’s and a short burst in the 80’s. It’s kind of lousy now. Looking at Israel, this is their “best days.” Shouldn’t they really *be* the best, with a new temple on the temple mount, with G-d residing in it?

    The Arabs are heartless and souless, in my opinion, from what I’ve been reading for the past few years, and especially the last few days. It is far easier to encounter the Arabs’ propaganda than Israel’s truth in the American press. I can’t understand why.

    The Arabs are not capable of the rational thought neccessary to ever come to peace with Israel. So why bother?

    I sure would like to see that temple built while I’m still around. Oh, and an Iranian is still, and always will be, an Arab to me. Persian! Ha! I’ve studied the Persian Empire since I was a kid in school. What is in charge there is no more Persian than Pennsylvania Dutch. The Persians are dead, like the Babylonians, and the Assyrians. Only the Jews are still here. That is why they are hated. They are the natural heirs to the region they inhabit. The Arabs know it. Screw ’em. Thanks.