Offensive anti-Zionism in Berserkeley

It seems that the Berkeley Daily Planet (yes, that’s what it’s called), the only daily newspaper in the city of Berkeley, California — which the late SF Chronicle columnist Herb Caen aptly referred to as ‘Berserkeley’  — has several contributors, staff members, and a whole raft of letter-writers who like to bash Israel and Jews.

My first response is to say “why am I surprised about this in a place containing the greatest concentration of extreme left-wing nutjobs in the known universe?”

Typical San Francisco Bay area demonstration

Typical San Francisco Bay area demonstration (courtesy zombietime)

But  if you live in Berkeley or you just want to support some local people who are tired of Planet owner Becky O’Malley using the local paper as a platform for ugly rhetoric, you can sign a petition here calling for “integrity and responsibility” on the part of the paper. And you can read about the controversy here.

My opinion is that it is not worth worrying about whether O’Malley and her friends’ anti-Zionism is or is not antisemitic — it is objectionable enough as it is.

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