Nazi tactics at San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

In a reductio ad absurdum of the idea that there is a Jewish Zionist conspiracy, the San Francisco Jewish Film festival has chosen to show the film “Rachel”, about Rachel Corrie, the young American woman who lost her life in the unwitting service of Palestinian terrorism in 2003. Worse, they are hosting a talk by Rachel’s mother, Cindy, who has become a tireless campaigner for the Palestinian cause.

Cindy and Craig Corrie receive portrait of Rachel from the Original Terrorist

Cindy and Craig Corrie receive portrait of Rachel from the Original Terrorist

In response to an outcry from those who felt that a Jewish festival should not promote the destruction of the Jewish state, the festival organizers agreed to let pro-Israel activist Dr. Michael Harris speak for a few moments before the film.

When you watch the video of Dr. Harris’ talk, note the audience reaction as they try to shout him down. The forced laughter is a particularly juvenile manifestation of what is reminiscent of nothing so much as Nazi tactics of the pre-war era.

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Update [27 Jul 2009 0830 PDT]: You can read Dr. Harris’ own account of the event here.

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One Response to “Nazi tactics at San Francisco Jewish Film Festival”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    If the Obama Administration’s strategy is to divide the Jews, and claim that the Far Left is equally or even more representative of the Jewish community than are its traditional representatives then it certainly has help from within. The anti- Israel Jewish Left in America is undermining not only support for Israel but the American Jewish community itself.