Tel Aviv club humiliates IDF

The ‘Rogotka’ (Russian and Hebrew slang for ‘slingshot’) at 32 Yitzhak Sadeh St. in Tel Aviv is described as a vegan bar run by an ‘anarchist collective’. It does not serve products from ‘settlements’ and it does not serve anyone wearing an IDF uniform.

The following appeared on the Israeli blog “The Muqata”:

IDF Uniforms are associated with oppression and genocide, and the IDF’s violence is the reason for all violence in Israel, explained the club’s workers.

The ground rules of the club are clear: Naturalism, Pluralism, and no IDF uniforms — anyone can visit the club on Yitzchak Sadeh street in Tel-Aviv, with any clothing style, except for IDF uniforms.

Two IDF combat soldiers who visited the club last week were forbidden entry. They were told they could switch to civilian clothes and come in, but it was forbidden to wear uniforms inside.

“It’s nothing personal, but ideological. Your uniforms symbolize genocide and violence.” they were told by club employees and guests.

One of the soldiers took off his IDF issued shirt, but his Unit’s t-shirt didn’t pass muster either…and they were told to leave.

IDF radio sent a solider from an elite unit to validate the claims. As soon as he sat down at the bar, employees came over to him and demanded that he leave.

“Your shirt symbolizes sh&^ and disgust,” he was told, “and as soon as I see your shirt, it hurts me. So before I hurt you, I’m asking you to leave.”

The elite combat solider replied, “I kill myself to protect you and you’re throwing me out?”

Their response: “They pay you half of what you deserve. You aren’t killing yourself. They are taking advantage of you, and you’re a slave to the army…now leave.” (source, translated from IDF radio via rotter)

Maybe I’m hopelessly naive, but this is beyond shocking.

Here are about 5 million Jews surrounded by hundreds of millions of Arabs that would like to invade and destroy Israel, including — believe it or not — Tel Aviv. Think about what a victorious Arab army would do in Tel Aviv. You don’t need a lot of imagination, just think about the pogroms in Tzfat, Hebron, etc. and multiply them by a few hundred thousand. Think of the Russians in Berlin in 1945.

They would do this in a minute except for one thing: the IDF. Can anyone doubt this?

So this ‘anarchist collective’, who probably dodged the draft themselves and don’t plan for their sons and daughters to serve, who benefit from the Jewish state and the tiny bubble of peace, freedom and prosperity that it struggles to maintain in the midst of dictatorships and kingdoms where women are property, homosexuals are hanged and Jews are not allowed — these parasitic scum have the chutzpah to refuse to serve anyone in an IDF uniform?

The problem is that the IDF has done too good a job, and the parasites can live in Tel Aviv as if it were San Francisco. But even in San Francisco, how long would a nightclub that refused to serve US servicemen in uniform last?

How can this be allowed to continue?

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3 Responses to “Tel Aviv club humiliates IDF”

  1. levari says:

    i would have zero problem bombing this place.

  2. Vic Rosenthal says:

    For obvious reasons that’s a bad idea. But there is such a thing as social pressure, even without the baseball bats that another blogger suggested. This shouldn’t be allowed to stand.

  3. Grandma says:

    The bar patrons live in their own little world; a world filled with insecurities and ingnorance. One can almost imagine it is a resurgence of the San Francisco “free love and flowers in your hair” types. It didn’t produce anything postive then and it won’t now. Pity them.