Why the Arabs are losers

An article in the New York Times today by Michael Slackman illustrates the political and intellectual backwardness of the Arab nations.

It seems that the dirty job of collecting the trash of Cairo was given to a community of Christians, called “Zabaleen”. I don’t know Arabic, but one word for garbage in Hebrew is ‘zevel’, so my guess is that  ‘Zabaleen’ literally means something like ‘garbagers’.

Anyway, these dhimmis carried away the garbage from Muslim homes, recycling as much of it as they could. The way they recycled the organic part of it was to feed it to pigs, which they — being Christians — were permitted to raise and to eat.

There were several hundred thousand people living, if you can call it that, from the business of collecting, sorting and recycling trash, and raising pigs.

Everything was cool until the advent of swine flu. The Egyptian government (the article blames Mubarak himself) ordered that all the pigs be killed, lest they spread the flu.

Ignoring protestations from scientists that flu is not transmitted from pigs to humans, all 300,000 or so pigs were killed, with great cruelty.

Some suggested that the motive was religious, to keep pork away from Muslims, or just to hurt the Christian Zabaleen.

Whatever the motive, now the Zabaleen are struggling to have enough to eat. And without pigs they are unable to recycle organic waste, which is piling up and making Cairo even more disgusting than before.

So what do we learn from this?

We learn that all Israel has to do to defeat the Arabs is to survive until either the oil supply dries up and they sink back into poverty and irrelevance, or perish from filth-borne diseases and sheer stupidity.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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  1. jerry1800 says:

    absolutely correct, in the meantime, no or only minimal contacts with Arabs and their “culture”