The political insanity of the settlement freeze

News item:

The military plans to use “paralyzing power” to demolish illegal settler construction where building has continued in defiance of the 10-month freeze on such activity, according to an IDF document obtained by The Jerusalem Post on Saturday night…

Under the moratorium, settlers and contractors working on projects in which the foundations had not been finished must stop work for 10 months. But many settlers have vowed to continue building, anyway.

The IDF, therefore, is planning a second phase of enforcing the freeze, which will involve entering settlements to demolish all illegal construction work…

Physical force would have to be used against the settlers, since it is assumed they would not peacefully stop work and evacuate construction sites when ordered to do so, the document states.

The settlers believe the moratorium is the start of a second disengagement and will do everything possible to prevent the demolitions, the document said. There is no concrete information that the settlers intend to take up arms, said the document, but it added that anything was possible.

The document goes into great detail, outlining different scenarios that could occur. It also distinguishes between “moderate” and “violent” settlements, such as Yitzhar.

Initially, the IDF would try to come to a verbal resolution with the settlers, but if that fails, they would surprise the settlers with what the army termed “paralyzing force.”

The air force is expected to get involved by doing reconnaissance flights over the area. The IDF plans to shut down cellular phone services during the enforcement operation and to ban reporters from the scene.

Somebody has lost his mind.

Israel faces an existential threat from Iran and her proxies, a war which could affect every inch of Israel more severely than any since 1948 could break out at any time, and this is what the government wants the IDF to do?

Instead of Hamas and Hezbollah, they are to be asked to fight their brothers and sisters!

The break between the state and the national-religious sector which has more and more come to bear the brunt of the conflict will now be made permanent. What about the soldiers who will be disciplined for insubordination when they refuse to take part in the operation? Will they be ready to risk their lives for this state?

And why? Because an American President has decided (either from ignorance or malevolent advice) to accept the demands of an antisemitic Arafatist who will always escalate them another notch, who has absolutely no intention of ending the conflict?

The Palestinians have had chance after chance to end the conflict and get a state. They always said “no, we want to fight until we get everything”. Does anybody actually believe that this time is different? How stupid is it possible to be?

Suppose the IDF succeeds in stopping the construction at the cost of only a few dead ‘settlers’. Then what? Does peace appear in the east like a beautiful sunrise? I don’t think so.

Israel’s enemies must be licking their lips as they see their victim tearing itself apart.

What must happen now is that every Israeli who thinks that there should be a Jewish state of Israel should work together to stop Iran’s progress toward nuclear weapons and to destroy the ability of Hezbollah and Hamas to hold the nation hostage to their rockets.

That has to be the top priority, not the political insanity of the settlement freeze.

Update [10 Dec 0855 PST]: The IDF has responded to reports like the above in the Israeli press by saying that the document in question was ‘just a draft’ and that “the civil administration, the Israeli Police and the Border Police are the relevant authorities who deal with Israeli civilians, as is customary.” See story here.

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One Response to “The political insanity of the settlement freeze”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    I am hoping that Prime Minister Netanyahu will understand the mistake of sending the Army into Jewish settlements. He can prohibit workers from entering these settlements, cut off building materials and say that in this way he is being true to his promise to the Americans. He should try to make certain that the actions of the Army are understood, and coordinated with the settlers beforehand.
    I would also hope the settlers would not be searching for ways of embarassing and weakening the Government. They should understand that there is no realistic candidate for Prime Minister who will be more for them than the present Prime Minister. They should too have a sense that the relations with the Americans are vital for Israel, especially now in regard to the Iranian threat.
    But again Prime Minister Netanyahu should not let Defense Minister Barak engage in any theatrics for his own political benefit.