BDS campaign comes to Davis

Recently I discussed the Boycott, Divestiture and Sanctions campaign against Israel. Now anti-Zionist activists have brought it to Davis, California, where they are circulating a petition to force a food co-op to stop stocking Israeli products:

The Co-op is owned and operated by 10,000 shareholders. Its bylaws allow members to decide what to vote on during annual elections.

Five percent of this governing body must sign the petition in order for it to appear on the store’s May ballot. The Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights has been collecting signatures since Jan. 1…

“The Co-op does not support or endorse this boycott and wants to make clear it is being organized by members using their rights given in the bylaws,” said Co-op General Manager Eric Stromberg. — The California Aggie

The BDS movement tries to portray support for Palestinian irredentism as a human rights question, which everyone should support, sort of like environmentalism. The fact is that BDS is a nonviolent part of the mostly violent 100-year old campaign to eliminate Jewish sovereignty in the Mideast.

Local pro-Israel activists have asked for support. So, if you live in Davis or can travel there:

  1. Go to the Davis Co-op at 620 G Street, and show Israel some love on Sunday, Feb. 14 for Valentine’s day.
  2. Buy a whole bunch of Israeli products (if they are off the shelf, maybe someone else read this and bought the entire stock– so go to the store manager and tell him/her they need to buy more!) Israeli wine, couscous and feta cheese are available at the Co-op.
  3. Tell the store manager to keep stocking these products because you really like them!
  4. Also tell the store manager that we’ve declared Feb. 14 as the “Day to Buy Israeli Products” so they can be prepared. And please pass the couscous.

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One Response to “BDS campaign comes to Davis”

  1. Robman says:

    I’ve heard of this sort of “Israeli grocery product boycott” thing happening in Canada, and in response, pro-Israeli Canadians organized a “buy Israeli products” effort that was very effective. This is a good tactic.

    Keep up the good work, Vic!