Why the blockade must be maintained

As a result of the attack on Israeli naval commandos by Turkish mercenaries, there is increased pressure on Israel from the US and other international actors to loosen restrictions on movement of people and materials into and out of Gaza.

  • Israelis are viciously attacked by Hamas supporters while enforcing a legal blockade of the hostile Hamas regime
  • Therefore, the blockade should be ended in accordance with Hamas’ demands

Yes, I know it’s illogical. But never mind. That’s logic in the age of delegitimization: Israel is forbidden to defend herself, no matter what.

Israel has a good reason to keep access to Gaza tightly controlled. Here’s what Yuval Diskin, the head of Israel’s Internal Security Service told the Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee this week:

“Lifting the naval blockade on Gaza would constitute a very dangerous development for Israel…”

Diskin said terror organizations in the Gaza Strip “continue to arm themselves, both through production and smuggling.”

He noted that Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Strip have some 5,000 rockets with a range of up to 40 km. Most of the rockets were produced in the Strip, but dozens of projectiles were smuggled into Gaza as well, said Diskin, adding that the terror groups also have a few rockets which are “capable of reaching Gush Dan [the Tel Aviv area].”

“Even if vessels headed for Gaza will be inspected by foreign security personnel, this (lifting blockade) will be a major security breach,” said the Shin Bet chief…

“Lifting the naval blockade would constitute a very dangerous development. A port in Gaza would be a major security breach, despite the option of inspecting vessels prior to their arrival.”

“Sinai attracts al-Qaeda (terrorists) who come from Iraq through Jordan. Terror abettors from Gaza also make their way (to Sinai), as do people who are aiding Hezbollah. The Sinai Peninsula is a vast area, and it is very difficult to control who enters it…” –  YNet

His words have already been borne out. During the recent crisis, Egypt opened its Rafah crossing to Gaza (the subject of a recent NPR news report that I wrote about recently). And here is the result:

IDF Spokesperson:

On Wednesday morning (June 16), IDF forces identified a group of armed men infiltrating Israel from the Egyptian border, approximately 40 km north of Eilat. Israel Army Radio reports that one of the men was shot and killed by the IDF forces.

The other suspects left an explosive device on Israel territory and returned to Egypt. The explosive device is currently being identified and neutralized by IDF forces. The entire process is being carried out in cooperation and coordination with Egyptian forces.

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One Response to “Why the blockade must be maintained”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    Every arrangement we might make to have some third- party supervise cargoes going into Gaza will prove to be a phony one. Look at the UN inspectors in South Lebanon and countless other incidents. If Israel does not enforce the blockade no one will.
    Does this mean however that for other reasons we should in some way make a different arrangment, knowing that it will mean additional weapons will get into Gaza? I don’t know if we are allowed to be so ‘realpolitik’ and cynical i.e. Assessing that the Hamas weaponry can cause loss of life but not strategic damage, and making the concession with a strategic concern in mind.