Hurting Jews trumps helping Arabs, again

The Arab world tells us they care a great deal for the ‘Palestinian people’. But the truth, as I’ve written many times, is that it’s always more important to hurt Jews than to help Arabs — which explains the following:

Palestinian refugees demand basic civil rights

(Beirut, AFP): Thousands of Palestinian refugees gathered yesterday outside UN headquarters in Beirut to demand basic civil rights in Lebanon, such as a choice of jobs and ownership of property…

The Palestinians traveled in buses from Lebanon’s 12 refugee camps for the Beirut gathering organized by Palestinian and Lebanese non-governmental organizations.

“Working is a right,” “We want to live in dignity,” read placards carried by the protesters.

“I have the right to own property,” said another, summing up the frustration of the tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees who live in dire conditions in Lebanon…

The majority of UNRWA-registered refugees live in dire conditions in the camps across and are denied basic civil rights. Under Lebanese law, Palestinian refugees can not own property or hold most white collar jobs (doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects) and are stuck in low-paid employment.

They are also denied social security and medical aid in state hospitals.

There is a long history of similar behavior, even by the Palestinian Arabs’ own leaders. For example, when Israel occupied Gaza and Judea and Samaria after the 1967 war, they almost immediately began programs to move refugees out of the camps and into permanent housing that they would own. But the PLO — and the UN — bitterly opposed it:

What is perhaps surprising is that the United Nations also opposed the program, and passed harsh resolutions demanding that Israel remove the Palestinians from their new homes and return them to the squalid camps. For example, UN General Assembly Resolution 31/15 of Nov. 23, 1976:

Calls once more upon Israel:

(a) To take effective steps immediately for the return of the refugees concerned to the camps from which they were removed in the Gaza Strip and to provide adequate shelters for their accommodation;

(b) To desist from further removal of refuges and destruction of their shelters.

Similarly, UNGA Resolution 34/52 of November 23, 1979 declared that:

measures to resettle Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip away from their homes and property from which they were displaced constitute a violation of their inalienable right to return;

1. Calls once more upon Israel to desist from removal and resettlement of Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip and from destruction of their shelters;

Perhaps thanks to this support from the UN, the PLO began threatening to kill any refugee who would move out of the camps. After a few such attacks, the build-your-own-home program died, and that is why there are still Palestinians [in] refugee camps in Gaza. — CAMERA

The only way a ‘refugee’ could leave the camp, said the PLO, was by returning to his ancestral home in Israel, even if he was a multi-generational descendant of an original refugee, and today there are about 4-1/2 million claiming this status. Unlike all other refugees, Palestinian refugee status — which entails both a deprivation of human rights and a lifetime welfare benefit — is hereditary.

UNRWA, the agency that feeds them, has structured its benefits so that it is profitable for refugees — for whom there is no work or who are not allowed to work — to have large families. The truth of the matter is that the so-called refugees have three functions: a moral club to beat Israel with, a reservoir of violently hostile and unemployed young people to serve as terrorists, and an army with which to overwhelm Israel demographically.

A clearer-cut case of the denial of human rights — a hereditary denial of human rights yet — cannot be found anywhere. Funny that it hasn’t been taken up by the UN Human Rights Council, isn’t it?

Palestinians protest denial of rights in Lebanon

Palestinians protest denial of rights in Lebanon

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One Response to “Hurting Jews trumps helping Arabs, again”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    If there had been real concern by Arabs for other Arabs , real concern by Arab leaders for their own people there would have been ‘peace’ long ago. However it is important to note that Arab inhumanity to Arabs has also proved damaging to Jews. If they really cared for the well- being of their people there would have been compromise and peace a long time ago.