Another kind of double standard

On Tuesday I wrote about “Murder on the northern Border“. Since then, several things have become clear. UNIFIL has confirmed that the Israeli soldiers were on their side of the border. Lebanese army sources have admitted (proudly) that they fired first. There’s no doubt that the ambush was carefully planned, and Hizballah-connected journalists and photographers were on hand to report it.

What still isn’t clear, as I said on Tuesday, was from how far up the chain of command the orders came. For what it’s worth, there are Lebanese sources that say it came from the top.

Israel’s reaction was muted. The decision was apparently made that this incident didn’t need to trigger a full-scale war, with rockets flying and bombers destroying Lebanon’s infrastructure. There are contingency plans which weren’t activated.

But this can’t be allowed to just fade away. A man was murdered, a Jew was murdered because he was a Jew — yes, that is the motivation here.

This isn’t Hitler-era Germany. It’s not acceptable to murder Jews to create diversions, or because you have an ideological commitment to a Jew-free dar al Islam, or just for the hell of it. That’s why there is a Jewish state.

Someone bears the overall responsibility for this murder, and it’s probably not the Lebanese soldiers who were killed when the IDF returned fire.

Perhaps some of the investigative resources being employed to track down the ‘guilty’ parties who executed Mahmoud Mabhouh in Dubai, a multiple murderer who was arranging for Iranian weapons to be shipped to Hamas when he was killed, could better be spent solving this crime? Possibly some of the indignation about the death of nine Turkish thugs who were trying (again) to murder Jews could better be applied here?

Capt. (res.) Ezra Lakia, who was seriously wounded in Tuesday's ambush.

Capt. (res.) Ezra Lakia, who was seriously wounded in Tuesday's ambush.

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One Response to “Another kind of double standard”

  1. NormanF says:

    Let’s see: Israel’s dhimmi Jews think the murder of one their own citizens is not an act of war, its allowed to fade away quietly.

    No other country in the world would continue business as usual. This is exactly the policy that has led Israel to the straits it finds itself in now half a century after the Six Day War.

    Its time for a change.