Short takes: Iranian craziness, Palestinian personality disorders

Iranian craziness

I suppose you are not surprised to find out that the evil forces behind Pastor Terry Jones and his plan to burn Qurans on Saturday are… Israel and George W. Bush! Who else would be ‘devilish’ enough?

Tehran, September 9, IRNA — Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Thursday severely warned against the outrageous bid of an American priest [sic] to burn copies of the Holy Quran to mark the anniversary of the September 11 attacks…

Mottaki strongly criticized the plan and said such an irrational act is rooted in the minds of extremists who try to impose their opinion on others while Islam invites all to logical dialogue in order to promote peace, justice, kindness and humanity.

Condemning the American priest’s disgusting bid, the Iranian foreign minister said that if decisive measures had been taken against apostate author Salam Rushdi or the European caricaturist who had insulted the prophet of Islam under the guise of freedom of speech, we would have never witnessed re-occurrence of such sacrilegious acts.

Warning those masterminding such conspiracies, he said there is no doubt that the failed policies of former US president George W. Bush to fan the flames of sectarian war following the September 11th incident, will be responded by the Muslim world and true followers of other divine religions, Mottaki underlined…

The recent move is now regarded as a plot hatched by the Zionist regime to make good on its humiliating defeats in its struggle with Muslims, Mottaki underlined.

So, in other words, if Muslims who want to “promote peace, justice, kindness and humanity” had succeeded in murdering Salman Rushdie or the cartoonists responsible for the notorious Danish cartoons, then the infidels would have learned to be more respectful in the future!

This is the regime that is about to become a nuclear power!

Palestinian personality disorders

This quote encapsulates absolutely everything you need to know about why the present peace negotiations will go nowhere:

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat released a statement on Thursday in which he alleged that his televised address to Israelis asking that they be his “peace partner” was altered, according to a Palestinian news agency Ma’an report.

“Unfortunately, my statements were altered and interpreted as if I were apologizing to the Israeli nation. This is the opposite to what I said. I was speaking as a negotiator and I meant that, as Palestinian and Israeli negotiators, we hand been unable to come up with a solution after many years,” Erekat said about the video promoting the Geneva Initiative.

He continued, “I never intended to apologize to the Israeli nation, they are the ones who should apologize for what they have done to the Palestinians and all the actions that have humiliated our nation. Palestinians are the nation who deserve an apology.”

God forbid we should think a Palestinian Arab is sorry for anything! From the pogroms and war incited by the Nazi Mufti, through the headline-grabbing terrorism of Arafat, to the recent murderous drive-bys, the long, long list of atrocities they’ve committed — they aren’t sorry. It’s all somebody else’s fault. They are victims of Israel, the West, etc. They deserve an apology! Doesn’t it sound like Narcissistic Personality Disorder, with a touch of Antisocial Personality Disorder thrown in?

Just to make sure we understand that Palestinian honor demands that we give everything and they give nothing, PA negotiators have made it clear that they won’t give a centimeter on recognition of Israel as a Jewish state or the removal of ‘Jewish occupiers’, and that they will not give up the “right of return” for Arab ‘refugees’ to Israel.

If you don’t think that there are psychological issues in Arab and Muslim culture, consider the unbelievable horror of honor killings.

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One Response to “Short takes: Iranian craziness, Palestinian personality disorders”

  1. Grandma says:

    And you wonder why this Pastor Jones wants to burn the Koran? Let’s just call him a racist, a bigot, a leader of a cult, or someone who wants his 15 minutes of fame. But, let’s not say that about these Imams, Ayatollahs, or Clerics. We are better than that, aren’t we?