Terrorism, major and misdemeanor

It’s Palestinian projection time. The Palestinian Maan News Agency reports,

Israeli violations against Palestinians were escalating with an intensity that had not been seen in decades, [PA President Mahmoud Abbas] told [Arab League] leaders convened for an emergency session in Sirte, Libya.

A process of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem was being implemented, Abbas said, under which home demolitions, evictions, land confiscation, and settlement building had become daily occurrences. The president said the separation and “judaization” [sic] of the holy city bluntly violated signed agreements and commitments, and aimed to destroy the peace process.

In fact, what has been escalating is Arab terrorism, both the major, murderous kind, and minor, ‘misdemeanor terrorism’. Israeli motorists in East Jerusalem are being mobbed on a daily basis, and then blamed if anyone is hurt in the confrontation. The most recent case was a car attacked by stone-throwing kids — accompanied by at least seven or eight photographers. The car hit two of the kids (it seems that only one was slightly hurt, although the video is frightening).

One wonders whether an injury — apparent or real — wasn’t the intention? Barry Rubin has an analysis here, and see also Elder of Ziyon here. Suffice to say that the ambush composed of adult photographers and teenage (maybe even younger) boys raises disturbing questions about the motives of the adults, not to mention the responsibility of the parents of the boys.

Meanwhile, two of the Hamas operatives responsible for the murder of four Israelis, including a pregnant woman, in a drive-by shooting on August 31, were killed when Israeli security forces tried to arrest them on Friday morning. The Palestinian Authority (PA) had arrested hundreds of Hamas-connected men and proudly announced that they had found the car used in the shooting attack, but (I’m shocked!) missed the real culprits. Naturally, the PA complained about the Israeli operation:

Once again, the Israeli occupation chooses violence and death and we denounce this incident, regardless of its circumstances.

The PA denounced the incident

The PA denounced the incident

The ‘occupation’ chooses? The Hamas gunmen chose to do the drive-by, and to shoot at the police instead of surrendering. But from the Arab point of view, an Arab may kill a Jew but not vice versa, “regardless of circumstances.”

As always, we can see the multiple functions of Arab terrorism. The more serious incidents, like drive-by shootings, are intended to hurt Jewish morale and build Arab self-esteem as they recover some of their lost ‘honor’ (there is an almost infinite amount that they must regain in order to avenge the nakba). They create a sense of urgency — that is, a reason for the US administration and the EU to demand more Israeli concessions in the name of ‘peace’. And then if the perpetrators should be killed either during or after the attack, martyrs have been created and reasons for revenge attacks established.

The ‘misdemeanor terrorism’ — throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at Jewish vehicles, theft and vandalism at Jewish farms, etc. has some of the same functions, especially the effect of demoralizing Jewish residents and making a statement about whose land it is. As in the Jerusalem stone-throwing incident, it can be used to create some priceless propaganda footage, maybe even a new Mohammed Dura.

And it can easily become major terrorism if, for example, a bottle of flaming gasoline crashes through a car window and burns the occupants to death.

Cars burning in Silwan (East Jeruslem) after being struck by Molotov cocktails hurled by Arab youth

Cars burning in Silwan (East Jeruslem) after being struck by Molotov cocktails hurled by Arab youth

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2 Responses to “Terrorism, major and misdemeanor”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    This is an illuminating analysis. I have never seen the term ‘midemeanor terrorism’ before.
    Once again ‘FresnoZionism’ provides an analysis which goes beyond the ordinary – and provides deeper insight into a situation.

  2. NormanF says:

    Israel’s Stupid Jews believe the reason for Arab terror is Israel hasn’t capitulated fast enough.

    I guess 17 years of capitulations to the Palestinians and thousands of Jews dead aren’t enough for them.

    The Jewish State must tempt fate.