Hostage in Gaza had no sympathy for Shalit

Vittorio Arrigoni

Vittorio Arrigoni

OK, so Yet Another Terror Organization (YATO) in Gaza, this one called called “Monotheism and Holy War,” has kidnapped an International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist, an Italian named Vittorio Arrigoni. (h/t Elder of Ziyon)

It turns out that Arrigoni is a passionate hater of Israel, who even criticized a French official for expressing solidarity with … Gilad Shalit!

Here’s a Google translation of Arrigoni’s comments in his blog on January 21, 2011:

Michele Alliot-Marie, French Foreign Minister, yesterday in Israel during a press conference expressed [her] solidarity with the soldier Gilad Shalit, the only Israeli prisoner in the hands of the Palestinians.

Despite the French minister knows very well that Shalit was taken prisoner during an Israeli attack on Gaza border [false — Hamas operatives tunneled under the border and attacked an Israeli base — ed] (and thus is a prisoner of war), it seems yesterday alongside the parents of the soldier spoke of a “war crime” is attributable Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Silence on the obvious and real daily Israeli crimes in Gaza.

By virtue of [her] statements and those of  [her] silence before the drama of occupied Palestine today via the Erez crossing and entering the Strip, Michele Alliot-Marie has found a well-deserved reception from relatives of the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners (many women and children) detained illegally and tortured every day in Israeli jails.

For more ironic links to his anti-Israel work, plus a quite chilling video of a beaten Arrigoni displayed to the world (with background music), see the post by Elder of Ziyon here.

The kidnappers are apparently demanding that Hamas release the leader of their group, or they will kill the Italian. One wonders why they didn’t kidnap a Hamas member. Maybe they feel that Arrigoni is such a big asset to Hamas that he’s worth more than some flunky. Or maybe they’re expecting ransom from the Italian government.

Elder of Ziyon also noticed that some ‘activists’ are already blaming Israel.

Every time you think that Palestinian Arabs can’t be more violent, cruel, or just crazy, something happens to show you that you were wrong.

Did you ever meet a crazy person or group, and realize that you should stay as far away from them as possible? That if you didn’t, their craziness would become part of your life, too? This is what has happened with the Palestinian Arabs — and their supporters. The rest of the world has let them into its life, and boy, are they sorry.

Update [2028 PDT]: It’s being reliably reported that Arrigoni has been found, dead. I guess they didn’t want to wait for the ransom.

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One Response to “Hostage in Gaza had no sympathy for Shalit”

  1. NormanF says:

    There’s the irony of a virulent anti-Semite being murdered by virulent anti-Semites.

    It goes to show hatred of the Jews leads to no good.

    But don’t count on anti-Israel moonbats to internalize that obvious lesson.