Inside Sarko and Brako

Sarkozy and Obama at the G20 Summit.

Sarkozy and Obama at the G20 Summit.

“I’m sick of him,” says Sarkozy. “He’s a liar.”

“You’re sick? I have to work with him every day,”  replies Obama.

Ah, the joy of an open microphone! But what’s new here? We know they don’t like Netanyahu. Here they have important things to worry about, things like the world economy falling apart and, for Obama, an election looming. And those pesky Yids just refuse to bend over to be f***ed by the Palestinian Arabs. Not only that, but their shitty little country‘s economy is doing just fine!

And on top of that they keep threatening to bomb Iran! As if someone who threatens to wipe you out and has nuclear weapons might really mean it! Jewish paranoia!

Yes, the Jews are our misfortune, they think. There are all those Nobel prizes and almost daily announcements of medical breakthroughs from Israel, but after all, the Palestinians deserve a state. We don’t owe the Jews anything — didn’t we save them from the Holocaust?

Oh — we didn’t? Well, but we helped them win their independence…er, didn’t we? No? Well, we — the US at least — give them huge amounts of aid, which of course must be spent on US-made weapons, so they can defend themselves, as long as no Arabs get hurt in the process. Doesn’t that count for something?


Obama is pained by the fact that he has to work with the Israeli Prime Minister every day. Excuse me, Isn’t Israel is a sovereign state? Does it need daily guidance on managing its affairs? Does Bibi have to phone Obama every morning for instructions?

Sarkozy thinks Bibi is a liar. After all, he tells him that he has to stop building in ‘Arab East Jerusalem’ and Bibi responds that it is the capital of the Jewish state. Liar!  But France had previously let it be known that it would vote against admitting the non-state of ‘Palestine’ to UNESCO, and then voted for it. Who’s lying now?

And why does Sarkozy think ‘Palestine’ belongs in UNESCO?

France explained that it believed that Palestine had the right to become a member of UNESCO, “whose vocation is to work towards generalizing a culture of peace within the international community,” according to a news release from the French Consulate in Jerusalem. — NY Times

A culture of peace!” Who would know better about that than the Palestinian Arabs! They are specialists in peace, having popularized airline hijacking, hostage killing, murder of schoolchildren and suicide bombing for ‘peace’ (not that the record of UNESCO has been so great even without ‘Palestine’).

Here’s what I think: Sarkozy and Obama should learn that the Jewish state actually represents the best of Western culture, stop hassling Netanyahu about building in his capital city, treat him with dignity, and support Israel in its struggle to survive against the barbaric forces that want to destroy it.

And if the interests of Israel are not important to them, how about the results for Europe and the US if Iran succeeds in its project to dominate the Middle East?

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2 Responses to “Inside Sarko and Brako”

  1. Robman says:

    I think the whole thing was staged.

    They have no substantive argument to make against Netanyahu. Not since he’s correctly stresed the recognition issue, not since he bludgeoned Obama in PR terms in front of Congress last May.

    They are down to the lowest level of character assasination and innuendo. Netanyahu “lies”? About what? Well, maybe he does….the only Western leader he can afford to trust with the truth is Canada’s Stephen Harper. And that’s only because Harper is the only one who can understand the truth.

    But that is the strategy, has been the strategy, all along of Obama and his various European poodles, particularly Sarkozy, but also Cameron and Merkel (Merkel has been notably more hostile since Obama took office…wonder what he promises her in return?).

    Make Netanyahu the problem. He is the ‘obstacle to peace’. He is a ‘liar’. He stands in the way of ‘social justice’ for Israelis. Just get rid of him, and behold, there will be “peace”.

    The Palestinians? They can’t be blamed for anything. Not while they have to face that bully, Netanyahu, that ‘liar’.

    If Netanyahu is a “liar’…what is Obama? Interesting contrast.

    Reminds me of that wretched article in the New York magazine of a month or so ago, written by some shill for Obama, about how Obama and his people consider Netanyahu a “…craven and small-minded politician”. In the annals of chutzpah, that has got to take the cake.

  2. Shalom Freedman says:

    I disagree with Robman here, and also, and this is especially rare, do not particularly like this article. I would have preferred the usual kind of rational analysis and presentation of interesting implications.
    The whole incident is potentially most damaging to Obama. He will need every swing state vote he can get in the coming elections. His remark here will provide plenty of ammunition to those who already suspect his lack of sympathy for the leader of the Jewish state, and by implication the state itself.