Stealing Pesach

Moses liberating Palestine by armed struggle

Moses liberating Palestine by armed struggle

You may have noticed that the Palestinian Arabs are doing their best to replace the Jewish people, not only on their land, but in history and tradition. So they claim that there was no Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, that Rachel’s tomb is and has always been a mosque, and that their ancestors are not mostly Arabs from Egypt and Syria who have been in the land of Israel for less than 200 years, but rather ancient Canaanites.

They great Palestinian ‘culture’ is too focused on hatred and death to be original, so their creativity is limited to turning facts upside down, as in the massive blood libel that the IDF deliberately kills Arab children, when in fact killing Jewish children is the specialty of Arab terrorists.

Now they are trying to steal Pesach. Thanks to Palestinian Media Watch, we have this snippet from Palestinian Authority TV, in which a lecturer at Palestinian ‘university’ (an-Najah, also called “Terrorism U” because of its suicide bomber alumni) explains that the Jewish heroes of the Bible were all Muslims, including Moses, who ‘liberated Palestine by armed struggle’:

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So either there were Muslims several thousand years before the birth of Mohammed, or this remarkable ‘scholar’ is talking about the ‘exodus’ that took place in the 19th and early 20th centuries when Arabs migrated to Palestine from Egypt and Syria to take advantage of the economic activity generated by the Zionists!

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One Response to “Stealing Pesach”

  1. Shalom Freedman says:

    Often anti- Israel propaganda is directed at the outsiders, the third- parties. This kind of nonsense however will convince no one. Its real aim is to strengthen denial of any real history and culture to the people of Israel among the Palestinian Arabs themselves. It is a major anti- peace move, a major denial of the reality of the other.
    It is a way too of enforcing the totalitarian method of thought, which is really denial of individual thought, the very method which ensures their own backwardness.