Israel can take care of herself. Can we?

I’ve written about this myself. But you can’t emphasize too often the craven, and ultimately destructive, cowardice displayed by our American leadership (Europe is long gone).

Israel can take care of herself. Can we?

Diana West writes,

The Washington Free Beacon reported this week on the continuing omission of Israel from a U.S.-sponsored organization called the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF). At a recent forum meeting in Spain, Maria Otero, U.S. undersecretary of state for civilian security, democracy and human rights, delivered a speech titled “Victims of Terrorism,” but, in her roll call of victims, she didn’t mention Israel. The conference at which she spoke was described as a “high-level conference on the victims of terrorism,” but Israel wasn’t a participant.

It bears repeating because it is so fantastic: At an international conference devoted to victims of terrorism, the world’s leading victim or, better, leading target of terrorism — Israel — was nowhere in sight, or mind.

Welcome to the GCTF — U.S. counterterrorism’s new “normal.” This 30-member organization got its official start last September as a “major initiative” of the Obama administration when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced its launch in New York.

It was quite an occasion; Hillary curled her hair. Seated next to her Turkish co-chairman, ensconced amid ministers from Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and 18 other miscellaneous member-states plus the European Union, she then said the magic words: “From London to Lahore, from Madrid to Mumbai, from Kabul to Kampala, it’s innocent civilians who have been targeted …”

Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ashkelon? Poof, gone. And that’s the point: This new counterterrorism organization, with its related counterterrorism center coming soon to Abu Dhabi, is Judenfrei. Not coincidentally, it is also heavily Islamic. Eleven member-states — slightly more than one-third of the organization’s membership — also belong to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a bloc of 56 Islamic countries working to impose Islamic law (Shariah) on the world. Six of those 11 members additionally belong to the Arab League. Both groups have defined “terrorism” to exclude Israeli victims (sometimes U.S. soldiers), and “terrorists” to exclude groups dedicated to the destruction of Israel, such as Hamas and Hezbollah. It is no wonder the Arab-Islamic members would now unite in “counterterrorism” without Israel.

What is both shocking and shameful, however, is that the U.S. would, too. It shows that the U.S. has implicitly but clearly accepted the Arab League/OIC definitions of terrorism and terrorists…

I would like to say this is all something President Barack Obama initiated, but such appeasement goes back a long way. If we look to the Gulf War in 1990-1991, we see this same denial of Israel’s existence take shape in the makeup of President George H.W. Bush’s “international coalition” — sans Israel. The same is true in 2003 with the formation of President George W. Bush’s “coalition of the willing” in Iraq (also Afghanistan) — sans Israel.

These omissions were in no way due to Israel’s unwillingness to join the “war on terror.” They were due to the same Islamic pressure in force today. Both Bushes bowed to it, accepting a state of dhimmitude (inferiority of non-Muslims under Islam) for the high privilege of spilling American blood and treasure into the ungrateful desert. Israel, both Bushes agreed with their Islamic “allies,” just wasn’t fit to fight on Islamic sand. Thus, Israel was excluded from these wartime alliances.

Such dhimmitude only intensifies, as the latest developments show. Under the Bushes, after all, while Israel was not permitted to fight alongside coalition forces, at least it was still recognized for withstanding more than 60 years of Islamic terrorist attacks. Today, under the auspices of the Obama administration, Israel no longer rates mention even as a victim. “Big Satan” has thrown “Little Satan” to the sharks. Which says two things about Big Satan. Our institutions now see the world from the Islamic perspective, and, as far as the sharks go, we’re next.

Shabbat Shalom!

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2 Responses to “Israel can take care of herself. Can we?”

  1. MDA says:

    Most terrorism in the world is sourced from Islamic nations all allied to the Core Islamic nations in the middle east

    The real problem with the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) Can be summarized in very simply.

    There has not been such an organization ever formed before and a third of the representation is made of countries that enjoy either dictatorships or similar structures and perpetually seem to harbor terrorist and/or terrorist sympathizers.

    Sources of terror have been traced back to these member countries with little or no cooperation from their governments. Over the years virtually all of the Command Control leadership of terrorist groups in any Middle Eastern country has been discovered by Israeli Intelligence.
    That is the main reason the Moslem members do not want Israel at the table or in the room.

    Ostensibly this is a Counter –terrorism organization
    The purpose of the GCTF from the Moslem point of view (paranoia) is to find out as much as possible regarding the West security networking. This will happen as an accelerated pace owing to today’s electronic interfacing. The purpose of such alliances; when one looks at NATO for example, is to develop a system of trust with which to “Vet” both information and sources of information – this “trust” amongst GCTF members is where it will all come unraveled. America’s enemies in the Moslem Nation member states will be at the table and will control the identities, source content, and quantity of Intel passed onto the GCTF. And as already demonstrated in Afghanistan the U.S. under President Obama will continue to share information even if it undermines their own mission.

    The U.S. thinks that it will be able to audit the information received from the GCTF Moslem members through its established contacts in Israel. Israel too thinks or has heard assurances from the U.S. that it will not be left in the dark when it comes to the activity and information sharing amongst the GCTF members. Both nations, the U.S., and Israel thinking they will share outside of the CGTF are in truth being played for fools.
    The biggest fool will be at the GCTF table and it will be the United States. Trustingly opening its archives and sharing knowledge originally gleaned from Israel as the Arab Nations turn the tables and claim the reason Israel knew so much to pass onto the Americans is because Israeli sponsors the terrorism in their countries.
    Most of the 11 Arab states are in regular dialogue with Iran. Out of fear of Iran they will easily support Iranian contentions that all of the terrorist turmoil in the Mid East is to be blamed on Israel who exploits Arab suspicions.
    Expect that the EU nations will either not object or chime in for the most part in regards to such allegations from Moslem GCTF members.

    The act of not including Israel into the GCTF will unfortunately allow the GCTF for as long as possible to exist and via longevity it will undermine rather than support the member agencies anti-terrorism interests.

    Were Israel to have been allowed to join the organization it would have meant Arab participants recognizing the state of Israel. Many of the GCTF members do not formally recognize Israel nor Israel’s right to exist. And were Israel to have been a member of the GCTF then Israel would have exposed the GCTF as being both completely unworkable and untrustworthy.

  2. Shalom Freedman says:

    As this article points out the exclusion of Israel is an absurdity and obscenity.
    I want to say for this alone Obama does not deserve to continue to be President. And all the hype about how great Hillary Clinton is as Secy. of State needs drastic revision.