It is an indifferent cruel and stupid world

I don’t think I’ve ever published a poem before. This one was sent to me by Shalom Freedman, who, in addition to being a frequent commenter on this blog, has written several books on Jewish and moral subjects as well as poetry, reviews, etc.

It is an indifferent cruel and stupid world

by Shalom Freedman

It is an indifferent cruel and stupid world —
The Ayatollahs preach genocide
And a hundred nations are hosted by them —
The U.N. Secretary General dignifies them by his presence
Though they have consistently deceived and lied to him and his predecessors —

They preach a medieval  doctrine of  world domination
as they conceal their race for weapons of mass destruction
and are traded with and toasted by the Chinese and Russians —

They promise to continue the Nazis work by other means
And the allegedly non-aligned do not contend with them —

Shame on these racist haters
And shame on their collaborators
Shame on Humanity
For our having such contemptible creatures among us.

One Response to “It is an indifferent cruel and stupid world”

  1. sabashimon says:

    I would only add
    …..and shame on us for subverting our sovereignty to these very same contemptible creatures, shame on us for not standing up for our own National interests as does the rest of the world theirs.